Parents are writing apology letters from Santa because they can't get Hatchimals in time for Christmas

'We are patiently awaiting the eggs arrival expected in January'

There's no question about it: Hatchimals are the must-have Christmas toys for 2016.

Whether you believe the hype or have been swayed by this mum's negative Hatchimal review, there are still thousands of parents trying to get their hands on them in time for December 25th.

Due to the demand, it's looking likely that not everyone will be successful - and so some parents have taken to writing apology letters to their children from Santa, promising the coveted toy's arrival in January.

'Mrs Claus and I understand you asked for a Hatchimal for Christmas,' one example reads. 'We are patiently awaiting the eggs arrival expected in January.

'Upon the egg being laid an elf will deliver the Hatchimal to your home. Please be patient with the egg laying process, you will get your special Hatchimal egg as soon as it's been laid!'

Other similar letters suggest that the children switch the item for another toy to save them disappointment on the big day.

'Dear children, due to the current climate within the North Pole it has been decided that Hatchimals will no longer be given out as presents,' it says.

'We are now forming a colony at the North Pole to protect them from their future decline and possible extinction.'

'We will take good care of them and ensure they continue to thrive within their natural habitat. Please could you ensure that you help us in protecting this species for its future growth by removing them from your Christmas lists and replacing them with something else.

Reactions to the apology letter idea have been mixed, with some parents saying they will try it, but others deeming it completely unnecessary.

'Cute idea! Great idea as this can teach the child to wait for something!' one commenter wrote, whilst another argued: 'This is ridiculous....parents should teach their children that disappointment is part of life... Not make up excuses for having a spoiled rotten child.'



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