List that reveals the 40 signs of a supermum branded ‘unrealistic’, ‘unhelpful’ and ‘sexist’

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  • Yesterday we revealed the list of 40 (yes – 40!) things you apparently need to be able to check off before you can classify yourself as a ‘supermum’, according to recent research.

    Let’s just say, some of you weren’t best pleased.

    A lot of you were quick to point out that just keeping the children alive and fed is a mammoth task in itself, and that lists like these can often make women feel like they’re in competition with each other.

    Facebook user Telena Richelle wrote, ‘the expectations surrounding a super mum is complete and utter nonsense and so far from reality. This just places more unrealistic pressures on parents.’

    ‘Perfect parenting will be shown from your child over the years to come and the relationships parents will sustain with them not if the parent failed to have breakfast laid out the night before,’ she added.

    Others commented that imperfection often teaches children a lot about what’s ‘normal’. Toni-Lee Van Niekerk said, ‘My kids are healthy well fed and happy. They get kisses when they are sore and time out when they are in need of it. They say please and thank you.

    ‘I am impatient after a long days work and that teaches them about what’s normal sometimes.’

    If you can’t quite manage the list below, it’s not all doom and gloom, as it would appear ‘supermums’ aren’t that popular anyway. And research backs your opinons up too. One in five of the 2000 women originally surveyed described the ‘supermums’ they knew as ‘smug’, while over one in 10 said that mums who took the daily grind in their stride made them feel ‘inadequate’.

    Sadly, research by Whaoo! chocolate filled crepes uncovered that the average mum gave herself just 7/10 for her mum skills. But take it from us ladies, you’re doing a great job.

    Intrigued to find out the 40 signs of maternal perfection? Here they are…

    1. Never arrives late for school drop off / pick up

    2. Is on the PTA

    3. Always looks glamorous on the school run

    4. Posts parental achievements on Facebook

    5. Bakes children’s birthday cakes from scratch

    6. Helps out at school discos / fetes

    7. Never argues with partner in front of the children

    8. Has a week’s worth of meals planned

    9. Makes sure the kids’ homework is done

    10. Has the school uniform washed and ironed for Monday morning

    11. Gets children to always say please / thank you

    12. Bakes cakes with their children

    13. Always has arts and crafts stuff close at hand

    14. Reads to the children every night

    15. Always makes sure the children look clean and presentable

    16. Cooks from scratch every night

    17. Gets everyone out of the door on time

    18. Gets the children to bed on time

    19. Always has the correct school uniform ready

    20. Goes all out to entertain children’s friends

    21. Disciplines children when necessary

    22. Knows when a hug is required

    23. Allows children to help with the cooking

    24. Gets children to behave well in restaurants

    25. Never forgets to make packed lunches / snack boxes

    26. Has snacks and drinks available at all times

    27. Always has wet wipes / tissues at hand

    28. Always remembers hats, scarves and gloves in the winter

    29. Keeps the fridge well-stocked

    30. Never runs out of milk or washing up liquid

    31. Buys a gift for their child’s teacher at the end of term

    32. Has a First Aid kit at home

    33. Ensures their child eats ‘anything and everything’

    34. Remembers what days are PE days

    35. Let’s their friends come over to the house

    36. Picks up other people’s kids from school if asked

    37. Organises regular sleepovers

    38. Lays the breakfast table, the night before

    39. Regularly checks the kids for nits / lice

    40. Ensures children have their hair cut regularly