Ariana Grande is engaged to Pete Davidson after just a few weeks of dating

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  • Singer Ariana Grande is engaged to wed Pete Davidson, her boyfriend of around a month, after breaking off her two year relationship with rapper Mac Miller earlier this year.

    Pete confirmed he and Ariana Grande are engaged on Jimmy Fallon’s chat show, The Tonight Show.

    Speaking about the couple’s new status Pete said: ‘It’s lit’.

    Jimmy teased that Pete ‘didn’t have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on our show’.

    Pete took it well and replied: ‘But I did though. I feel like I won a contest. So sick.’

    Speculation that the couple were engaged has been circulating for the past week after Pete posted a picture with the couple’s hands and a very noticeable ring on Ariana’s wedding finger.

    The caption for the picture, posted five days ago, said: ‘u know what you’d dream it be like ? it’s better than that’.

    u know what you’d dream it be like ? it’s better than that

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    Ariana is yet to post anything about the engagement on her own social media but fans of the couple have been quick to offer their congratulations on Pete’s picture.

    One person wrote: Congratulations to you two on your engagement!!! Wishing you both endless Love and Happiness 💜👍’.

    Another said: ‘omg that engagement ring is my life goals all rolled up into one 😍😭😭❤’.

    A third fan commented: ‘So happy for u, best to ur love💯❤🌈🦄🍬💥🌻💥🔥’.

    However, some of Ariana’s followers feel the singer might have moved on too quickly, and several think it’s too big of a commitment for a relationship as new as theirs.

    One person wrote: ‘They been dating like a week…’

    Another joked: ‘I’ve gone longer without showering than their relationship has existed.’

    Ariana and Pete have both recently come out of relationships but are clearly very happy together.

    Ariana described her relationship with Mac as ‘toxic’ when replying to a fan on Twitter and stressed she was “not a babysitter or a mother an no woman should feel that they need to be.’

    Congratulations to Ariana and Pete!