‘I cannot fight these monsters for you’ Mum pens emotional letter to son in wake of Manchester attack

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  • A mum has penned an emotional letter to her baby son in the wake of the recent terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

    Becki Pope, who writes under the name Mummy Mumbles, took to Facebook to share the powerful message, telling her child that although her ‘heart is breaking’ for his generation, she will encourage him to continue his life to the fullest, and without fear.

    ‘I fear that these incidents are only going to happen more and more as you get older and it makes me so sick to think I cannot protect you from the barbaric individuals who do things like this,’ she explains, referencing the attack where 22 people lost their lives.

    ‘As you grow up, you may think that it makes more sense and is safer to just “stay in and not do anything”.’

    ‘As your mother, who loves you so much it hurts, I have this message for you.’

    ‘Do not do that. Go out…. and do EVERYTHING.’

    She goes on to list all of her hopes for his future, including going to university, travelling, and attending sports matches and concerts.

    ‘These monsters do horrible things all over the world. These monsters I cannot always protect you from,’ she admits.

    ‘And as a parent, that is the hardest thing in the world for me to come to terms with and admit to you. But if I cannot fight these monsters for you, I’m sure as hell gonna teach you how to do that yourself.’

    ‘By. Just. Living. Your. Life.’

    Adding that she cannot guarantee that one day his life will not be touched by terror, Becki adds that she has faith that his generation is going to be the ‘strongest yet’, and persevere with strength, determination and love.

    She then advises him to look for the ‘goodies’ in every story, saying: ‘I will not always be there to protect you from the cowards in this world who pray on the innocent and defenceless, but I will teach you to find reassurance in the courage, hope and bravery you see.’

    ‘I will teach you to be brave yourself. We will teach you, our children, not to be afraid and to live harder, happier and stronger than any of us ever did.’

    ‘We will show you the heroes always beat the villains.’

    In less than 24 hours, Becki’s post received more than 76,000 shares, and hundreds of comments from parents who had also been struggling to explain acts of terror to their children as they continue to dominate the headlines.

    ‘So beautiful so true we will beat them with our love our dermination our kindness our courage and our strength they will NEVER WIN,’ one commenter wrote.

    Another added: ‘Beautifully written and touching. I have saved this to show my little girls and to remind me that I have to let them go and enjoy there lives no matter what. It makes me more determined and to value this precious life we have been given. Thank you.’

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