Binky Felstead starts breastfeeding debate after criticising breastfeeding charity’s ‘breast is best’ hashtag

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  • Binky Felstead has sparked a heated breastfeeding debate after criticising a charity for claiming ‘breast is best’.

    The mum-of-one called out Breastmates UK after they asked her and other celebrity mums to share some of their breastfeeding stories on Twitter.

    However, Binky’s reply was probably not what they were expecting, as she instead took issue with their choice to use the hashtag ‘#breastisbest’.

    Replying on Twitter, Binky said: ‘I don’t think it’s fair to state ‘breast is best ‘ when fed is best. Think there is a lot of pressure on new mums as it is and don’t think that ‘#’ helps at all..’

    Her response started an online debate, with many agreeing that the choice to breastfeed should be down to the mother, while others argued that breast milk is the best way to nourish a newborn.

    One parent said in agreement: ‘Never understood the pressure to breast feed. My partner didn’t breast feed at all, we have a beautiful healthy girl who was in a routine after one month. I got to help out with the feeds too. Remove the pressure. Unnecessary.’

    Another added: ‘HER baby, HER body, HER breasts, HER choice!’

    While a third mum said: ‘Yes, breastmilk is healthy, easy to prepare and FREE but when I didn’t produce enough milk with by 2nd daughter I was pressurised to keep at it by professionals until my daughter was crying for hours and losing weight – I gave her a bottle and she was a different child overnight’.

    Others disagreed, with one simply claiming: ‘Breast is best, that’s just fact’.

    Another added: ‘But breast IS best’; while a third said: ‘No matter if you are able to breastfeed or not breast is always best that is why milk banks exist’.

    While a fourth could see the reason behind both sides of the argument, saying: ‘But of all the research done it does show that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for a baby. Just a shame it sounds so stuck up when it’s not possible for every mum to do it if they wish.’

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