Blogger Constance Hall reveals she’s ‘not a fan homework’ and ignites homework debate

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  • Mum blogger Constance Hall has ignited a homework debate with a Facebook post.

    She’s had a lot to say about several parenting topics recently, including being naked around the home, and her children’s homework is the latest target on her list.

    On her Facebook page, which has over half a million likes, the blogger has asked followers if homework is really necessary for children.

    Starting the post by saying she is ‘no expert on education’, Constance gives details of her own academic background, confessing she dropped out of school at 15 years old and started working at a pub.

    The blogger, who’s become famous for her viral posts, then goes on to ask: ‘But really homework???

    ‘School gets my kid for 6 hours a day five days a week and then they give them homework, clearly we are not an over achieving household but we have ambitions to remain sane.’

    Explaining why she’s against homework further, the mother-of-four says her six year old would be better of doing other things like ‘swimming at the beach’.

    ‘Surely after a whole day at school her time would be better spent climbing a tree.. Or swimming at the beach.. Or lying on her back imaging that’s she’s a flying f***ing snail?’, Constance wrote.

    However, she then goes on to say she doesn’t have time to help her child with homework, and she already has enough things she could ‘feel guilty about not doing’.

    ‘Billie-Violet came home from school the other day with “mum the teacher said you need to do my homework with me” don’t quote me on that, all my kids tend to lie and BVs teacher is lovely but I couldn’t help but think to myself, “does your teacher know that I have 4 kids, a dog and a cat and some days I don’t find the time to change my tampon?”

    ‘FFS as if my life isn’t already full of enough shit for me to feel guilty about not doing, now I can add homework to my list of short comings. Not a fan homework.’

    Mums and teachers were quick to give their opinion on the issue, with many parents agreeing with Constance.

    Rebecca Mackintosh: My husband and I are both teachers and we make a point of discussing homework with our children’s teachers at the beginning of each year. (Our kids are now 8 and 10). There is little to no research claiming that homework is advantageous to learning, particularly not homework sheets. We haven’t yet come across a teacher who has a problem with our children not doing homework, and nearly every one has said the only reason they set homework is for the parents who demand it. We used to do readers occasionally, but our kids love reading anyway and do plenty of their own. Climbing trees, lego and a bit of minecraft are far more beneficial in our eyes. Not to mention parental sanity, which is obviously paramount. Plenty of time for homework at high school.

    Trisha Wheeler:

    As a teacher, I honestly think that the only ‘homework’ Primary school kids should have is reading every night. Anything else is, quite frankly, ridiculous. It is way too much pressure on kids and families. Kids and parents should read together every night purely for enjoyment…. What kind of homework does she have at 6 years old. That is insane.

    However, others were against Constance’s stance, saying homework is a way for them to connect with their kids:

    Skye Andrews:

    I’m grateful my kids get a good education and have access to such things. Especially having 3 girls (where girls around the world are denied school and terribly abused) and 1 boy and my oldest with significant disabilities. People beg fight and steal for access to this stuff and we complain. Not me. Learning is 24/7. And doesn’t have to be a task- sad the message you send your kids complaining about it

    Fiona Logan:

    I must be missing something?!? I think it’s hard but great! Time consuming yet priceless. I get to help the process of my children learning. And I’ve done it on my own bla bla bla with loads of animals bla bla a job bla bla! They are only with us a short time! We have weekends and holidays and plenty of them! My house is usually messy but after bedtime things get done. I know without my help with homework my children wouldn’t be as happy and confident at school as they were and are! Yes 20 years I’ve been doing it and still have a 5 year old at school! So Ive seen the results! And trust we are by no means over achievers!!! Basic hard working people who struggle each week with what a lot of us do… Just saying it like dishes or washing, surrender to it and be happy we have the chance to do it!

    Amanda MacDonald:

    Sorry I don’t agree. Homework makes me sit down with my child and opens up themes and ideas which we can sometimes discuss for days. It tells me what they like and don’t like, their strengths and weaknesses. We have connected thru homework on so many levels. I guess its just whether you work with somethingnor against it. I also have 3 children, dogs, cats chickens etc and sometimes the animals get fed at 11pm at night (not the chickens!! They’re asleep!) But the maths homework gets done and I love seeing the expression on my 12 yearbolds face when she ‘gets’ something that has been challenging. Your posts are inspiring but I respectfully disagree with you on homework.


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