Breastfeeding tattoos: The touching way women are commemorating time spent feeding their baby

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  • Breastfeeding a baby can be one of the most memorable times in any mother’s life – and now some are choosing to mark the time they spent feeding their child with a very permanent reminder.

    Although the styles of the mum tattoos may vary, from soft black and grey portraits to bold neo-traditional designs, these women’s breastfeeding tattoos all have one thing in common: they depict a powerful scene that perfectly symbolises their bond with their baby.

    When asked why a woman might choose to get a breastfeeding tattoo, psychologist Sharon Draper told Essential Baby magazine that the ink often served as a reminder of the strength found during those formative experiences.

    ‘They can [also] be a form of self-expression to show the world how proud they are of something they believe in,’ she explained.

    ‘For other mothers, seeing these mothers embrace breastfeeding in this way can provide a form of support to them, to let them know it’s a positive thing and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it.’

    A woman interviewed by the same magazine, named only as Deirdre, said her tattoo was to ‘celebrate’ her breastfeeding journey, after struggling and then succeeding to feed her three babies.

    ‘I had provided hundreds of litres of milk for my own three children and had helped feed three others [through milk donation], so it was something that I felt passionate about and wanted to remember forever,’ she said.

    Jenna Sanford, a mum who shared a picture of her breastfeeding tattoo on Instagram, wrote: ‘All my tattoos have meaning, but this one was really special to me. Represents what I stand for, &what I am passionate about.

    ‘Breastfeeding is SO beautiful. Women have the capability to grow their child with their body alone!’

    If you are thinking of getting a tattoo yourself, there are a number of ways to personalise your design, from incorporating your child’s name in the piece to asking the artist to base the facial features on your own.

    However, it’s important to always look for a reputable tattoist who upholds the latest hygiene regulations, as the health risks involved skin infection, allergies and hepatitis.

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