‘Putting jeans on will make me feel up and ready’ Mums reignites the ‘pyjamas on the school run’ debate

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  • The question of ‘can you wear pyjamas for the school run’ is one that tends to divide opinion and ignite a fairly heated debate – something that one mum has discovered the hard way with a recent query…

    Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the mum asked fellow users for their opinion on the subject, as she herself was considering doing the school run in her PJs after discovering she had a ‘rare’ mid-week day off.

    ‘Have a rare day off and plan on spending it in bed,’ she wrote. ;So tempted to just stay in my pyjamas so I can jut slide back into bed when I get home!’

    Although she didn’t make it clear if she had tried this in the past, the mum did say that the thought of rocking up to the school gates in her pyjamas made her consider whether fellow parents might think she was ‘having a breakdown’. But, she explained, her day relaxing in bed would be ruined if she got up and got dressed, as then she wouldn’t feel like going back to bed after returning from the school run.

    ‘I just know that putting my jeans on will make me feel up and ready and I won’t want to go back to bed,’ she continued.

    While the mum’s question seemed perfectly innocent, the strong response she got from other parents on the forum may have come as a shock.

    ‘I would judge harshly – I think it’s grim,’ wrote one user, while another added: ‘I just don’t get it. Get dressed…Don’t be that clarty mum that rocks up in pyjamas.’

    ‘I have every Wednesday off. I always stick jeans and a t shirt on for the school run then come home and put pj’s on,’ read one response. ‘I wouldn’t dream of doing the school run in pyjamas. Imagine if my daughter’s teacher saw me.’

    ‘This is what tracksuit bottoms are for!’ suggested another user.

    Other people who commented on the thread shared horror stories of breaking down whilst doing the school run in their PJs. ‘My mum is the opposite and always drives in her nightie. One time she broke down on the motorway and had to get rescued in it!’ one exclaimed and another agreed: ‘I second the accident thing – I once went to the shop in my pj’s with clothes over the top and got locked out!’

    What do you think? Is it ever acceptable to do the school run in pyjamas? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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