Casey Batchelor reveals the name of her baby girl and discusses traumatic birth

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  • Casey Batchelor has shared the first pictures of her baby daughter. The Celebrity Big Brother star welcomed Florence with her partner Dane Goodson on May 24.

    She introduced the adorable newborn in a photo shoot in her own home with OK! Magazine as she spoke for the first time about her traumatic birth.

    The 33-year-old revealed her painful labour was so bad it’s put her off having more children.

    For the early stages of her labour Casey managed on just gas and air and it was only after she reached 9.5cm dilated that the pain started to become unbearable.

    She said: ‘My body was in so much shock that I was vomiting over myself.’

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    Casey added that her boyfriend Dane was incredibly worried and she got to the point where she knew she needed an epidural if she was going to ever get through the birth.

    Complications from the epidural caused issues for the glamour model as she struggled to bond with her little girl during her first week.

    Casey said: ‘The doctors came in after the birth and said I had spinal fluid leakage from the epidural, so I might get some bad headaches, and then they discharged me. The next day I couldn’t get out of bed. I was breastfeeding, so Dane would bring her into me and I would give her what I could laying down on my side, because I couldn’t even sit up to hold her, and then she’d be taken back out.

    ‘People were coming round and holding her when I couldn’t even hold my own baby. I was getting really depressed and I was in agony.’

    However Casey is thankfully over the worst of it and adores Florence now: ‘You just have this uncontrollable love for a little human. Small menial things don’t really matter any more, because you’ve got a human to look after.’

    Casey announced the happy news of Florence’s arrival on Instagram last month by posting a sweet picture of her clutching her baby girl’s hand.

    She captioned it: ‘I haven’t been on social media as I’ve been slightly busy the past few days. We have finally welcomed our beautiful baby. I’m going to take some time out to enjoy and cherish these precious newborn moments. But wanted to let you all know as I’ve been having lots of messages. I’ll update you with details and with beautiful pictures soon.’

    Casey, who has been dating 32-year-old boyfriend Dane for two years is now looking to the future and hoping he will pop the question soon.

    Describing him as her best friend, soulmate and partner, she said: ‘I didn’t think any of this would happen for me. I thought all men were just idiots, but he’s amazing.’

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    Casey’s full story in this week’s OK! Magazine – out today

    Words by Kelly Allen