‘I don’t think it’s fair’ Chanelle Hayes slams Cheryl for her post-baby body

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  • New mum Chanelle Hayes has slammed Cheryl for showing off her post-baby body too soon after welcoming baby Bear, saying it’s unfair for other mums.

    Both Chanelle and Cheryl have welcomed baby boys this year, but it looks like they have different views on getting back into shape after giving birth.

    In an interview with Reveal magazine about motherhood, 29-year-old Chanelle said: ‘Cheryl showing off her post baby body so quickly after giving birth is ‘unfair’ to other mums, as they might not have the same resources or time.

    ‘She has all that money, and her mum’s there all the time to look after the baby, while she does a million crunches.’

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    Cheryl has been criticised for not sending a realistic message to other mums

    ‘I don’t think it’s fair. It’s put me off her. I get it, you always want to look good after you’ve been big and pregnant, but I don’t think losing all the weight so quickly is fair to everyone else. I don’t think it sets a good example.’

    The reality star, who says she wants to slim down from a size 16 to a slim 10, also revealed she won’t let her partner Ryan propose until she achieves her goals.

    ‘I’ve told him he’s not allowed to propose to me until I’m a size 10,’ she admitted. ‘I want to be able to put pictures on the wall of me slimmer, otherwise we would get married tomorrow.’

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    The mum-of-two, who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum like the Duchess of Cambridge whilst she was expecting, also revealed the pair decided to name their son Frankie Edward Oates.

    Chanelle is not the first mum to spark debate over Cheryl and her post-baby figure. Made in Chelsea star, Binky Felstead, who gave birth to her daughter India in June, also commented on Cheryl’s speedy recovery, saying it doesn’t work like that in ‘real life’.

    ‘It’s a bit in your face,’ she told New! magazine. ‘Cheryl hasn’t been in the public eye since having the baby and so she’s looking amazing now. That isn’t real life. But good on her, you can’t bash anyone for wanting to get their body back.’

    However, she later clarified that she didn’t mean to bash Cheryl, saying she’s amazing for getting her body back so quickly but adding that it’s not a realistic message for most new mums, including her.

    ‘I actually said how amazing Cheryl looked and how no-one should body bash anyone who’s got their body back after birth. I just said it wasn’t real life for me at the moment, which it isn’t,’ she wrote on her Instagram account.