Christmas shoppers warned over fake Pandora jewellery discount websites

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  • Christmas shoppers are being warned over fake Pandora jewellery discount websites, after customers took to social media to share their experiences of being scammed.

    The warning is coming from many customers who tried to purchase jewelerry online from fake sites, which tend to look genuine, and are now alerting others in a bid to prevent more people from being scammed.

    Fake websites are being reported on a dedicated Facebook page – Pandora Scam Sites – which was set up by Kim Farrington.

    According to The Sun, the 56-year-old created the page two years ago, after she started selling the charms on her own online boutique and became aware of the scam websites.

    Since then she’s counted over 200 fake websites that have been reported on the page, selling products with up to 70 per cent off the normal retail price.

    According to a recent post on the page, one of the ways to tell if a website is fake is when they advertise a PayPal option initially, but the option isn’t there when you go to pay.

    Christmas shoppers are being advised to be extra careful when buying Pandora jewellery online

    ‘Ok so another way to tell if your on a scam site. They will advertise PAYPAL as a payment option. When you go through the checkout, Paypal is then NOT an option and you have to pay by CARD. Don’t do it people , they will then have your BANK DETAILS’, the post reads.

    One victim of the scam posted on the page to share her experience: ‘I dont know how I could be so stupid but I’ve purchased something from their website…i rang the bank after i realised and they said to wait 14 days and ring them back cos under consumer act they might refund my money if the item is fake. I dont know if i should stay positive or acknowledge that I’ve lost £50… I’ve used debit card’.

    The Danish brand has commented on the issue, saying they are aware of these websites and are monitoring the situation.

    Head of brand Martin Kjærsgaard Nielsen said: ‘At Pandora we are full aware that there are dark forces out there who seek to exploit and misuse our strong brand with counterfeit jewellery.

    ‘This is obviously completely unacceptable and we are taking and will continue to take necessary measures to end this practice. We closely monitor the situation as it is important for us to protect our brand.

    ‘Ultimately, it is a matter for authorities to enforce the legislation that protect our legal rights, which in turn will prevent consumers from ending up with fake and counterfeit jewellery.’

    So if you’re buying Pandora jewellery for any loved ones this Christmas, make sure you go to Pandora’s official website or brave the long queues in your nearest shop…

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