Coleen Rooney opens up about baby plans and marriage with husband Wayne

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  • Coleen Rooney has opened up about future baby plans with husband Wayne Rooney, saying they’re on hold for now as she has enough on her plate taking care of her three sons.

    In an interview with Mail Online, the mother-of-three spoke about the possibility of becoming a mum for the fourth time, explaining she’s happy with her three boys at the moment.

    Coleen, who’s already a mum to Kai, Klay and baby Kit, said: ‘Growing up I had two brothers and then we adopted Rosie. But I like getting the attention and I am the only girl in the house.

    ‘It’s different having your own kids, I’m happy with the boys and I’m doing great. If I was to have another child, which I wouldn’t at the moment because I’ve got enough on my plate.’

    Coleen with her baby son Kit, who was born last year

    ‘A girl would be nice to have around but it’s not important to me, boy or girl, it’s another child and no matter what you’d love it… It would be nice for the boys to have a sister but I’d be happy with anything.’

    The TV presenter also admitted that finding time for each other is key when it comes keeping the spark alive with husband Rooney, after being married for nearly 10 years.

    ‘We do date night once a week – we do stick to that go to the cinema or something to eat and it’s a chance to talk to each other without the kids being there.

    ‘Sometimes we do rush in and out some days and we don’t see each other but we make sure we have that one day. On weekends we do things with friends. We’re not your typical romantic couple as we’ve been together for so long but we do have that nights’, she said.

    The couple met when they were 12 years old and started dating when they 16, before tying the knot in a lavish Italian ceremony in 2008.

    The 30-year-old also revealed she has a private Instagram account, as well as her public one, for friends and family, because she needs a bit of privacy.

    ‘I think you post good stuff because you can’t put your whole life out there and I have a personal Instagram as well as a public one and that’s to give me more privacy.

    Coleen and her eldest son Kai, who was born in 2009

    ‘There’s nothing on there that I couldn’t share but it’s for my friends and family. Being in the spotlight you need that little bit of privacy.

    ‘On Instagram I use it for work stuff and family stuff and I think it’s nice to show people you’re a normal family’, she said. ‘I like to show we do normal things.’

    Coleen Rooney was speaking at the launch of the 2017 McDonald’s Football Mum of the Year

    . The award looks to recognise the dedication of football mums all over the UK.