ITV announces the start date for extra Coronation Street episodes

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  • Good news for Corrie fans – ITV have announced they’ll be airing an extra episode per week, bringing your weekly fix of the street up to six hours!

    The extra episode has been in the pipelines since last summer, when ITV bosses confirmed that there would be another hour added to the bill.

    Now the official start date has been revealed – make a note in your calendars from September 20th…

    The move comes at a time when Corrie is more dramatic than ever – adouble wedding is on the cards, and the street is preparing for the arrival of a whole new set of families and storylines.

    Producers have also announced that they’re investing in the construction of extra studio space for ‘more exterior filming opportunities,’ creating 40 new jobs.

    Executive producer Kieran Roberts told Metro: ‘Getting ready to deliver our extra weekly episode has taken our amazing team more than a year of hard work on everything from story-lining to studio building.’

    ‘[Now] Coronation Street is absolutely ready with our sixth weekly episode and it will be a part of a double Wednesday treat.Corrie fans will get a double helping of their favourite show three times a week and the first week of this pattern is an epic week of heartstopping drama, heartbreaking emotion and heartwarming drama.’

    Producer Kate Oates added: ‘One of the things I am happiest about with the show at the moment is that any of the characters can drive storylines – it was always the plan to strengthen those clans. I think it’s paid off really well.’ 

    ‘Similar to back in May, we were very keen to make sure there were strong storylines and something big happening in each of those episodes for this week,’ she continued. ‘Our centrepiece for this week is the wedding but we also have the story between Michelle, Robert and the stalker – and the heartbreaking with Rita which I hope will really pull on heartstrings as we are reminded of how lucky we are to have the great Barbara Knox.’

    ‘Hopefully we can bring her back to the centre of the Street!’

    We can’t wait!