Daniel Brocklebank and Bruno Langley open up about becoming Coronation Street’s first gay parents

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  • Coronation Street stars Daniel Brocklebank and Bruno Langley have given a heartwarming interview about their experience of becoming Weatherfield’s first gay dads.

    Characters Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw have been making plans to adopt Summer Spellman, daughter of Billy’s now late ex-boyfriend, Drew, for a few months now. Now, as the storyline progresses and the adoption date draws ever closer, their differing ideas on parenting are starting to show.

    ‘It will change the dynamic of their relationship,’ Daniel, who plays Billy, told What’s On TV. ‘One would hope that, as with any couple, it will bring them closer together. People have normally got time to prepare for parenthood, and obviously this came about in a different sort of way. But I’m hoping both of them are spontaneous enough to be able to cope with the things that it throws at them.’

    ‘I think they’re going to come at things from different angles. Todd is much more playful and mischievous than Billy. Billy tends to like to do things by the book, whereas Todd tends to fly by the seat of his pants a bit more.’

    Bruno, who plays his on-screen partner Todd, agreed: ‘Yeah, I think Todd will be a bit too lenient. It’s like that with me in real life!’

    The pair also revealed that they were ‘thrilled’ to be at the centre of such a progressive storyline. ‘It’s another bit of Corrie history,’ said Bruno. ‘The show has been moving with the times since its creation, and it’s just reflecting what’s happening in real life.’

    ‘I’d love them to get married, because I’m a hopeless romantic!’ exclaimed Daniel. ‘I also think it would be an interesting thing to highlight with the Church of England, because at the moment, if a gay vicar got married, they’d get fired.’

    Speaking about his own experiences with children in the family, Daniel said he hoped that Billy will be able to be a strong role model for Summer, who is 12.

    ‘I have a niece who was born in March, a nephew who’s four, and three goddaughters. I just get to fill them with sugar and give them back to their parents! I suppose it’s all about patience, love and understanding – and these are Christian values that Billy would be dishing out on a daily basis, along with the Coco Pops.’

    ‘I can imagine Billy desperately trying to read the back of a Tampax box and working out how he’s going to have that conversation with her!’ he adds. ‘But I suppose it’s like that for any parent, when you’ve never done it before. It’s all trial and error.’