Dad who shared photo of daughter’s last eyelash reveals she’s been given the all clear

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  • A little girl, who broke hearts all over the world when her dad revealed her cancer struggle with a picture of her single remaining eyelash, has been given the all clear just days before Christmas.

    Hayley Brown was diagnosed with cancer in June after doctors discovered a five centimetre tumour growing inside her nose. Her family were told the best treatment would be eight months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy but unfortunately, as the family are based in Australia, this would’ve cost a lot of money.

    Andrew Brown

    5 days before the last round of chemo.

    But amazingly, seven-year-old Hayley has been given the all clear, six months after her diagnosis and just days before Christmas. Her dad, Andrew, announced the good news to Facebook in a post that showed two x rays side by side, illustrating how the tumour has shrunk.

    Along with the images Andrew wrote, ‘Well done Hayley you little Warrior Princess, you rock. Now on to 12 months maintenance while you continue to kick cancer in the d***.’

    Andrew Brown

    The picture on the left is today. The picture on the right is 6 months ago. The red X on the June picture is on a big grey area. That is the tumour. The red X on today’s scan is on black which is how…

    Friends, family and well wishers from all over the world have flooded the page with support, with comments such as ‘What an awesome Christmas present!! Hayley you are such a champion to have gone through all this and still you have shown us your wonderful smiles’ and ‘Hayley you little ripper. xmas miracles do happen. hugs to you. you are the bravest most courageous ninja rock star that i know. keep on kickin it!’.

    Andrew spoke to Daily Mail Australia and said, ‘I’m still not sure how I feel about yesterday as I still haven’t come to grips with the fact that this journey even started.’

    ‘Which is weird because this week marks six months since the journey began.’

    He added, ‘I do know that the treatment she was on is now finished and her poor little body can now begin to repair itself. Hopefully she will start eating soon as the ulcers in her mouth should start to go.’

    Hayley became famous when her dad uploaded a picture to Facebook, which showed his seven-year-old daughter Hayley with her eyes cast downwards, with one single, long eyelash.

    The father of four captioned the picture, ‘That one last eyelash has been hanging on, on it’s own, for a few weeks now’.

    Andrew Brown

    That one last eyelash has been hanging on, on it’s own, for a few weeks now.

    Hayley’s long and beautiful eyelashes were the talk of the hospital, her dad explained, with staff commenting on how long her eyelashes were right until the last one eventually did fall out.

    Speaking to website Kidspot he said, ‘Right through people, including her older sister, always said how jealous they were of her beautiful big eyelashes. She doesn’t really realise they’re gone, people stopped talking about them. She probably doesn’t even know her eyebrows are practically gone.

    Andrew Brown

    Amazing little lady.

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