Danielle Lloyd splits fans’ opinion after confirming she will pick the gender of her next baby

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  • Danielle Lloyd has split fans’ opinion after confirming she will pick the gender of her next baby.

    The 34-year-old, who is mum to four boys, has previously discussed using gender selection to have a baby girl.

    Now she’s confirmed that she will go ahead with it, in a statement read out on Loose Women by Andrea McLean.

    ‘I’m not sure why anyone would deny us this. I’ve always wanted a girl, I totally appreciate the fact that some women aren’t lucky enough to have children and might think I’m selfish,’ the statement read.

    ‘Michael and I will go abroad for gender selection, I don’t doubt that many celebrities do it, but not many people say it.’

    Following the statement, the mum took to Instagram to share a video of her three boys when she told them they were going to have another baby brother earlier this year.

    After giving them a box and telling them that the balloons inside would indicate the gender of the baby in her belly, the boys were clearly disappointed to see blue balloons coming out if it.

    Captioning the clip, she wrote: ‘Need I say more?? Gender selection is a family decision 💙🌎🎀💕’

    However, the family’s decision to choose the gender of their next baby split fans’ opinion, with some saying the mum should leave it to fate.

    One wrote: ‘So we’ve to feel sorry for Danielle Lloyd for having four boys and no girl? And agree with her for gender selecting her next child? It’s all b******t a baby is a blessing no matter the gender.’

    Another said: ‘Wouldn’t any child be a gift? I understand why you want to do it but wouldn’t it just be lovely to let fate decide???’

    A third added: ‘Children are a gift. She should be happy she can conceive. I’ve got 2 girls and doesn’t bother me that i don’t have boys. Just happy to be able to have children.’

    My cuteness 💙🌎

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    Some people were on the mum’s side though, with one fan commenting: ‘She isn’t hurting anyone. She’s not killing a child. She’s bringing one in to the world and no doubt it will have a brilliant life.’

    A second fan said: ‘At the end of the day if you can afford to pay for gender selection, especially when you already have 4 children of the same sex, why not, it’s harming no-one. I am sure your not the first person to have this but the first to speak openly otherwise the clinics would not exist.’

    Loose Women panellists also weighed in on the debate, with Nadia Sawalha saying: ‘I think it is illegal for a reason, but I do really sympathise with Danielle. I’ve always had a yearning to have daughters.’

    New panellist Rebekah Vardy also said: ‘I found it very difficult having a girl, I was constantly finding faults in me through her. I wouldn’t want to judge but for me that is not something that I would do. I think there’s so many people out there that struggle to conceive naturally.’

    Gender selection is illegal in the UK, unless there are serious medical grounds to justify it, like when a parent is a carrier for a sex-linked genetic disease.

    People wishing to do it have to go through IVF and use a screening process called Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) – a medical procedure which allows embryos to be tested for gender-related conditions prior to being placed in the womb.

    Would you ever consider using gender selection? Let us know in the comments!