Danielle Lloyd forced to defend her decision to appear on This Morning with son Harry

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  • Danielle Lloyd has hit back at critics who have been condemning her decision to appear on This Morning with her son to discuss Asperger Syndrome.

    Her son Harry, who is just six years old, joined his mum on the This Morning sofa while she discussed her concerns that he may suffer from the condition due to his behaviour.

    Mum-of-four Danielle has three sons with her ex, footballer Jamie O’Hara, and recently gave birth to her fourth son, who she shares with fiancé Michael O’Neill. As a mum to four boys, Danielle said knew instinctively that there was something ‘different’ about Harry.

    ‘There’s definitely something different about Harry, he’s very special,’ Danielle said in front of her son, live on TV. ‘He’s got his own little ways and he’s very emotional and socially awkward around people.’

    ‘It’s really hard to deal with sometimes and it’s very frustrating for me,’ the 33-year-old told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

    ‘Harry is just Harry. He finds things really difficult. I just want to get him the help he needs.’

    However, despite Danielle’s intention to discuss and raise awareness for Asperger Syndrome, her appearance on the morning TV show may have backfired, as viewers slammed the mum for her decision to appear on This Morning with her son in tow.

    ‘If he doesn’t feel different he will now, talking about him and his “odd ways” in front of him on TV. Poor lad!!’ wrote one astonished viewer on Twitter.

    ‘If you keep telling your son they’re odd and different they will start acting it. Shocked!’ wrote another.

    ‘How does any child know they’re different? Only by being told it. Let him have his innocence and don’t drag him on tele. That’s being different,’ said another critical audience member.

    The slew of negative comments on social media forced Danielle to defend her decision and hit back at those who were slamming her.

    ‘It’s called raising awareness,’ she said on Twitter. ‘A lot of people struggle to get diagnosed so believe me it helps.’

    Danielle also responded to those criticising the way she is dealing with her son, saying her aim is to ‘support him’ and get him the help he needs once his condition is properly diagnosed.

    ‘He [Harry] knows he is different and cries cos he doesn’t understand why! So am a mother I will fight for him to get help!’ Danielle added.

    Despite those who sought to criticise Danielle on Twitter, many rushed to the social media site to share their support for the mum-of-four and heap praise on her for being brave enough to discuss the topic on television.

    ‘Fantastic that Harry is being included and knows all about his little differences, well done. Lovely little boy!’ said one Twitter user.

    ‘Well done to @MissDLloyd I am having the same struggles with my beautiful Joseph but we will get there as will you,’ commented another supportive fan, while others agredd: ‘Well done to you and your little one, and for a new mum you look amazing #autismawareness’.

    After the influx of supportive messages, Danielle said she was ‘overwhelmed’ and felt assured in her choice.

    ‘Overwhelmed by all the messages of support from people,’ she wrote, ‘and hearing all your stories about your own children makes me realise why I spoke out.’

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