'I nearly died' Darcey Bussell opens up about difficult labour with eldest daughter Phoebe

The Strictly Come Dancing judge suffered pre-eclampsia complications

Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell has revealed how she almost died while giving birth to her eldest daughter, explaining that she's only alive thanks to quick-thinking specialist doctors.

The 48-year-old TV star admits she is 'very lucky to be here' after suffering pre-eclampsia complications during the birth of daughter Phoebe, who is now 16 years old, in 2001.

In a candid interview with The Daily Star, the mum-of-two spoke honestly about her traumatic labour.

The former ballerina, who is married to businessman Angus Forbes, said she 'could have gone into a coma at any time', detailing how she didn't really realise how bad the situation was until later on.

The difficulty Darcey faced with the first birth left her feeling 'empowered' enough to continue with a second pregnancy and the dancer went on to give birth to daughter Zoe, 13, three years later.

Talking to the Daily Star, Darcey said: 'My first child, Phoebe, was two months premature and I had pre-eclampsia. I nearly didn't get through that.

'I could have gone into a coma at any second. So I feel very lucky to be here… not to be overdramatic but I did nearly die. I was very lucky.'

Describing how her doctor saved her life, she added: 'Mark saved my life. I don't mean to be overdramatic he certainly did. I owe everything to him.'

'I was fortunate in that I was so drugged-up, which meant I wasn't conscious when it was happening,' she continued.

'I didn't know what had happened until afterwards. So I was quite lucky in that. I didn't realise the panic that was happening.'

She added that the experience had changed her outlook on life, teaching her to 'appreciate every moment'.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects women in pregnancy or shortly after giving birth, with symptoms including high-blood pressure and swelling around the face.

If it is untreated, it can lead to serious or fatal complications for the mother or her baby.


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