'Your body has made three babies, now it's time to love it' Davina McCall reduces fan to tears with kind comment

'You know what to do'

Davina McCall has brought a fan to tears after sending her an inspirational message on Instagram.

It's no secret that the mum-of-three is dedicated to her healthy lifestyle, and from the looks of her latest picture, hard work definitely pays off, as she revealed her toned tummy in a candid vertical snap.

'Look ! I have little baby feet in the most peculiar place...,' Davina quipped alongside the image. 'So, anyhoo really really didn't feel the force today ... had to really pull it out of the bag x did uphill shuttle runs then hit fatburn and abs .. #30dayfatburn #neverregrettedaworkout #fitness #motivation'.

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Unsurprisingly, several fans asked her advice on how they could replicate her success, particularly after having children, but one comment in particular struck a chord with Davina, prompting her to leave a sweet and supportive reply.

@mrshjp7 wrote to the presenter: 'I literally despise my tummy/body, at what point does it get better?! I'm 37, 3 c-sections down the line & NEVER been happy with the way I look!! I'm so over it but can't get out of the funk I am in!! Any help greatly received! P.S you look insanely incredible!!!!!'

'well it sounds like you have had enough,' Davina quickly responded. 'And that's exactly where u want to be. Because that's when change happens . ( it did for me) YOU and only YOU can make those changes ... so make that decision and in the great words of Nike ... just do it !! Your body has made u three babies! Now it's time to love it... and your scars.... each one tell a story .. huge hugs ... you know what to do x it's over to you 👏🏻👏🏻'

The 49-year-old's kind words really hit home for the original poster, who commented back: 'thank you! Made me cry! You are such a wonderful genuine human being! I'll get there, if only for my children having a positive attitude towards body image!!! A million thank you's for your reply.'

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Davina has said in the past that she understands the struggles of new mums who are trying to get back into shape, because she's been there herself, many times over.

'After every baby, it took me two years to get back to where I was happy,' she admitted to The Mirror in 2016. 'I want people to understand that sometimes I have struggled. I know it's not always easy to skip to the gym. Sometimes I have to work hard to make myself go.'

'It's particularly difficult as women get older and feel self-conscious because the gym is full of twenty-somethings all bouncing around with their lithe bodies.'

'You don't have to be a size 10 to feel good in yourself. I have friends who are size 16 and above who are fit, feel healthy and look amazing. That's because they are eating the right things and making the right choices in life.'


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