Elle Macpherson launches a protein powder aimed at children

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  • Supermodel Elle Macpherson has launched a protein powder aimed at children.

    The Kids Super Supplement is part of Elle’s WelleCo range, and retails at £26 for a 500g tin.

    According to the WelleCo website, ‘if your child matches one or more of these traits our clean hormone free, organic plant protein would be beneficial for their growing body.’

    They suggest that the product is suitable for children who are fussy eaters, have poor concentration, have a sweet tooth (recommending the powder as a substitute for energy drinks or flavoured milks) or are frequently ill.

    ‘If your child rolls from one cold to the next, they will benefit from the immune support and essential vitamins and minerals,’ it states.

    The site also features an endorsement from nutritional doctor Simoné Laubscher, who says: ‘When I developed the Kids Nourishing Protein I wanted to create a whole supplement with everything a kid would need.’

    ‘The fact that it is a good clean protein smoothie is a bonus.’

    News of the product has sparked a debate amongst those who question whether a child who is eating a balanced diet would need to supplement their intake in this way.

    ‘This protein powder designed by Elle McPherson for kids is worrying…’, one user wrote on Twitter, whilst a second dubbed the protein powder ‘ridiculous’.

    ‘What kids need is a well balanced diet and not grossly over-priced pills, powders and potions!’ another commented on a news piece about the product.

    However, as a blog post announcing the launch of the Kids Super Supplement points out, research shows that almost 3 children in every 5 don’t eat enough fruit, less than 1 child in 5 eats enough veggies, and more than half of children aged 9-13 don’t get enough calcium.

    ‘We believe kids need a balance of clean protein, veges and good carbs, but we know modern living can make it tricky,’ the post continues.

    ‘That’s why we developed the Kids Nourishing Protein, full of essential nutrients, a delicious raw peruvian cacao chocolate flavour sweetened with just enough certified organic air dried coconut sugar so even the fussy eaters will love it!’