‘It can be lonely’ Emily MacDonagh reveals she feels ‘isolated’ as a mum

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  • Peter Andre’s wife, Emily MacDonagh, has opened up about how isolating motherhood can be, admitting she sometimes feels ‘lonely’.

    The 27-year-old shares two children with her famous husband, having given birth to daughter Amelia in January 2014 and most recently her son Theodore in November last year.

    But despite her celebrity lifestyle, the doctor has revealed that she can find motherhood lonely and wants to make an effort to have more ‘mum friends’.

    Emily spoke exclusively to OK! magazine in her weekly column, explaining that she hasn’t found any other mums to befriend in her local area, but hopes that pastures new will provide her with more pals.

    The mum-of-two said, ‘Once we move house, I’m going to make a real effort to make some new mum friends, as that’s what I’m lacking in our current area.’

    Emily continued to explain how motherhood can be a lonely time and empathised with those who experience postnatal depression.

    She praised the Duchess of Cambridge for talking about what can be seen as a taboo subject, remarking how it made her feel ‘reassured’.

    ‘A few weeks ago HRH the Duchess of Cambridge spoke about how motherhood can be lonely sometimes, and I completely agree.

    ‘It’s reassuring to hear that someone like that feels the same, and you can see how it could contribute to postnatal depression.’

    The young mum gushed over her ‘supportive husband’, reality TV star and singer Pete, but admitted that the nature of his career means sometimes leaving his family at home whilst he travels, something which can be difficult for Emily.

    ‘I’m lucky that Pete is really supportive and my mother is just on the other end of the phone, but it can be isolating – especially when Pete’s away working a lot.’

    Read Emily’s full column in this week’s OK! magazine

    Has motherhood ever made you feel isolated? Did you struggle to make mum friends? Share your experiences in our comment box below.

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