Etiquette expert slammed over controversial comments about children on public transport

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  • An etiquette expert has enraged viewers of breakfast show Good Morning Britain when he said that children should always give up their seats for adults on public transport.

    William Hanson, an etiquette coach, took part in a debate with Kate Garraway and Jeremy Kyle and claimed that when it comes to public transport, children are ‘less important’ than adults and should give up their seats.

    The debate came after the ITV show conducted a poll asking whether children should be expected to give up their seats for adults. It showed that 80 percent of over 55-year-olds think children should give up their seats, but only 30 percent of those aged between 18-25 believed the same.

    Jeremy Kyle highlighted, however, that William doesn’t have kids, so maybe he doesn’t fully understand the complications of parenting.

    William continued to argue his points during an interview with the Daily Mail: ‘Yesterday evening, on the London Underground’s District line, I saw two children of eight or nine-ish, taking up a seat each, both wriggling and writhing – full of beans.

    ‘They were not exhausted; they were not sick or in desperate need – it was 5.45pm and the carriage was packed. Did they offer their seat to any of the adults? Did their mother (who just stared, doe-eyed, down at them) do anything or realise anyone else was on the train? Of course not.’

    Many have hit back at his views on social media, with one saying: ‘The pompous pr**k on #GMB right now, clearly hasn’t looked after kids.’

    Another added: ‘Haha! Snotty little Tory Boy hasn’t got kids! Debate over! #GMB #GoodMorningBritain.’

    A third agreed, saying: ‘Brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Idiot #GMB.’

    However, others agreed with William’s point, saying: ‘How’s this even a debate? William is 100% correct. Children should give up their seats for adults. It’s what I was taught as a child.’

    ‘Loved watching this and I agree children should stand for there elders providing the child is not under 5,’ said another.

    Do you think children should give up their seats for adults on public transport? Let us know in the comments below!