This 11p lunch is perfect for saving money as living costs rise

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Food campaigner Jack Monroe has shared a recipe for a seriously affordable 11p lunch as living costs continue to rise.

The influencer and food expert has created a "delicious" lunch for just 11p, which she has shared to help those who are struggling with the rising cost of living crisis.

Costs have risen due to inflation, and now the crisis in Ukraine has pushed up petrol and energy prices, making it harder for some people in the UK to put food on the table.

Consumers are feeling the pinch as gas prices rise, putting pressure on their energy bills and throwing them in financial strain. But don't worry; there are several simple money-saving strategies that can help you save more.

Jack Monroe frequently shares money-saving recipes with her fans  on her website and Instagram, as well as on her website

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One of the simplest and healthiest dishes she's created is a red lentil, carrot, and onion dip which is cheap to make, and makes a quick and tasty lunch.

The dish serves four people, but Jack admits she ate an entire bowl by herself when she first tried it!

The recipe, according to Jack, is "a delicious and enjoyable way to sneak some veggies in using just a handful of simple store cupboard ingredients and basic ingredients".

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The dip can be kept in the fridge for up to three days if covered or stored in an airtight container.

Experts have offered their advice on how to save those extra pennies around the house with families battling to keep up with the significant rise in bill expenses.

One is a simple radiator hack to avoid wasting heat as energy prices rise. Due to the failure of several gas providers, suppliers are under severe pressure to address the rising cost of gas on their own.

Another tip is simply changing the way you use your kettle might save you hundreds of pounds in energy bills each year. Rather than boiling your kettle every time you want a cup of tea, experts recommend filling it to the brim and just using it once a day, then pouring the water into a thermos to keep it warm.

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