This genius kettle hack could save you HUNDREDS on your energy bills every year

This simple kettle hack could save you hundreds of pounds on your electric bill

kettle hack - woman using kettle
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A simple kettle hack could save you hundreds of pounds a year on your electric bill amid soaring energy prices. 

Saving on electric and gas bills (opens in new tab) is vital for thousands of Brits every year in winter. And this year, with the cost of living hitting new highs, many households are unable to cope as gas prices (opens in new tab) continuing to spike.

There are steps that can be taken if you want to know how to save money (opens in new tab) on your bills, some of which are as simple as making a few adaptations and tweaks to your regular routine.

Some people may be considering switching energy suppliers (opens in new tab) to get the best offers, but Martin Lewis has warned that there is "no market fix" and urged those thinking of jumping suppliers to stay put.

But it turns out simply changing the way you use your kettle could save you hundreds on energy bills a year.

kettle hack - woman using kettle

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According to a money-saving specialist known only as scott8bits, boiling your kettle costs roughly £400 per year.

So, rather than boiling your kettle every time you want a cup of tea, he suggested filling it up to the max and turning it on just once a day.

Once you've poured enough for your tea, transfer the rest of the water into a thermos or flask and keep it for later. You won't need to use the kettle again that day because the thermos will keep the extra water warm until the next time you want a brew.

The savvy expert predicts doing this means you be saving hundreds when it comes to making tea every year.

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Captioning the video the money saving user urged, "The trick means you always have instant hot water - and it even means there's less limescale in your kettle.

"As an extra bonus, it saves the planet too - win, win!"

According to Uswitch data, a normal 3kW kettle costs roughly 9p if used for 10 minutes. It's important to remember that not everyone will spend £400 a year on boiling their kettle. It depends on your appliance's power rating and how many hot drinks you drink per day—but every little helps.

Some energy experts suggest that, opposed to what scott8bits suggests in his TikTok video, filling the kettle only with what you need is the most cost-effective approach to save money.

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