2023 was the year of the Squishmallow, but here's what we predict will give it a run for its money in 2024

The Squishmallow reigned supreme in 2023, but these are the similar toys that are hot on its heels

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For those of us with kids in our lives, you will have been hard-pressed to have missed the meteoric rise of the Squishmallow, launched in 2017. Offering all the benefits of sensory play, wrapped up in a cute character package, they are so popular that -  according to the British Toy & Hobby Association - the Squishmallows Plush 8” Assortment was the top-selling toy of 2023. 

The super-squidgeable, uber soft and characterful plush toys are perfect to snuggle up with, or use as a pillow, and there are literally hundreds of different characters for kiddies to collect. You can buy them in a range of sizes with price points from less than £10 up to £50 for a supersized 50cm Squishmallow. Their popularity not only highlights the enduring love of 'plush toys' (which were the biggest sellers overall in 2023 and 11% up on 2022), but also shows how important accessible pricing is amid the cost of living crisis. The Squishmallows Plush 8” Assortment retailed for an average £9.01 in 2023, making it as soft on your bank balance as it is on your fingertips. 

This may change as 2024's top toys land on the shelves. But will the Squishmallow reign supreme again or will variants on the Squishmallow take over?  These are the Squishmallow alternatives that have got our Spidey-senses tingling.


My Goddaughters (aged six and nine) are both obsessed with Squishmallows and have more than one each, but their obsession has evolved and there's now a new variant on the block - the Fuzz-a-Mallow. This is still part of the Squishmallow range, but with a new tactile delight added into the mix. Not only are Fuzz-a-Mallows still super soft and oh-so-squishable, but instead of a smooth, velvety texture, Fuzz-a-Mallows are also, well, fuzzy.


From the makers of Squishmallows, comes BumBumz, a new collection of beanbag plushies, which come in a myriad of character forms and are just as infinitely squishable as the Squishmallow. BumBumz are available in a couple of sizes (4.5inches up to 7.5inches) and at considerably less than a tenner each, they're inexpensive for kids to collect. GoodtoKnow's Consumer Editor Heidi Scrimgeour says her 10-year-old daughter takes her BumBumz toy with her everywhere she goes!

Squishmallow game is still going strong

While there might be a couple of new kids on the Squishmallow block, we can't see the broad appeal of the original Squishmallow waning anytime soon. With a whole host of characters to collect, including licensed characters from the likes of Disney, Pokemon and Star Wars, and at a variety of price points to suit any budget, the Squishmallow will definitely remain a winning gift idea for the forseeable future.

If you are buying a toys for the child in your life, it's worth understanding the different child development stages and the types of play so you can buy something suitable.

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