Best kids toys 2024: chosen by industry experts (and when you can get your hands on them)

This year's best kids toys have been picked by an independent panel of industry experts - here's what made the list

This year's top toys, as unveiled at the Toy Fair 2024
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Industry experts have selected the best kids toys 2024, and it's a remarkable list of products that are due to be released this year. Some of them are out already, while others are slated for release later in the year.

Seeing your child develop new skills while playing with their toys is one of the best parts of being a parent. But choosing the right toy can be a minefield. Not only are there new toys being released all the time, making it sometimes feels impossible to keep up to date with all the newness. And on top of that, you might be overwhelmed trying to choose between active and passive toys, or getting your head around the types of play that your child needs to support their development. Luckily, that's where we come in.

At the Toy Fair on 23 January 2024, an independent panel of retailers had sifted through more than 330 upcoming toy releases to find their absolute hero toys of 2024, and the final list did not disappoint. Unveiled by presenter, broadcaster and mum-of-two Anna Williamson, the team at GoodtoKnow was lucky enough to be among the first to see this year's hero toys line up, with new and upcoming releases featuring the likes of Peter Rabbit, Paddington, Harry Potter and more from companies like Orchard Toys, Playmobil and Just Play.

Take a look at the list to get ahead and start generating ideas for upcoming birthday and Christmas presents for the little ones in your life. Not all of the toys on the list are available right now, but are due to be released this year, but we will update this page as and when they are released.

The Hero Toys line up has something for everyone, including games and puzzles, plush toys and collectibles as well as arts and crafts, outdoor toys and licenced toys too. With many families still feeling the pinch from high living costs, the Hero Toys list also has a focus on affordability and great value for money. Prices start at £4.99, and more than half of the toys are priced under £25.

Parents will also get a kick out of the nostalgic toys on the list, include the 50th anniversary retro Rubix Cube, available now on Amazon, and the Paddington in a Phone Box soft toy.

Presenter Anna Williamson voted the Magic Adventures Binocular Camera, as her top Hero Toy for 2024 saying: “As a mum of two I am always looking for ways to entertain my children for longer periods of time that doesn't just involve a tablet and YouTube! Engaging with my kids during play is so important, and finding a toy that is also subtly educational, lasts more than five minutes, and is interesting for them is a win-win. The 'magic adventures binoculars camera' is the perfect 'Hero Toy' to aid and encourage children’s curiosity of nature and the world we live in, particularly when the environment is such a hot topic in schools now.”

Reflecting on the exceptional lineup of Hero Toys at this year's Toy Fair, Rebecca Deeming, Communications & Events Manager at the BTHA, says: "Toys that offer multi-generational play have always been popular with families, as they allow for children to bond and learn with their parents and grandparents. At a time when cost is a continuing concern for many households in the UK, toys that can bring a family together for entertainment and offer a cost-effective way to make memories, have fun, and learn together are becoming more popular, and many of this year’s selection of Hero Toys offer this."

In other news, these millennial toys are a huge dose of nostalgia and the nation's favourite children's books have been revealed.

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