Viewers praise Aldi for their 'honest' portrayal of breastfeeding in new advert

aldi advert praised normalising breastfeeding
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Aldi has been praised for being honest about breastfeeding in their newest TV advert.

The budget retail store has released a new advert that aims to normalise breastfeeding and fans have praised the retailer for their decision.

Aldi took to their Twitter account to share their new advert, which was made to promote their popular Mamia range.

The Mamia range encompasses everything that parents may need for their families, including food, nappies and toiletries, as well as nursery furniture and games and learning tools.

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Aldi’s progressive advert sees two parents sitting together on a park bench chatting about their home life.

While sitting with their young infant son Eli discussing how they need to take turns changing nappies, mum Liz can be seen casually breastfeeding their newborn baby Eli.

And fans rushed to praise the advert for displaying the everyday task in such a normal and casual manner.

‘👏 well done Aldi,’ wrote one viewer. ‘Showing a perfectly normal breastfeeding moment during your advert. #breastfeeding’.

‘Love this ad and the fact it is showing breastfeeding being so natural and part of normal life,’ wrote another. ‘Well done Aldi and the family that made it xx’, said another viewer.

‘Hats off to Aldi for having a mum breastfeeding in their new advert - no cloths, censors or anything,’ commented another fan.

While another commented: ‘We need to normalise breastfeeding, it’s the most natural thing in the world, so good for Aldi for doing their bit in combatting this. 👌’.

‘YAY @AldiUK for having a Mum breastfeeding on your advert,’ agreed another, ‘and DOUBLE YAY for not making a massive deal of it, because it is so normal. YAY ALDI.’

Other comments included: ‘Just seen the @AldiUK advert where the woman is breastfeeding 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌 well done Aldi for helping to “normalise” the thing that should be the most normal thing in the world’ and ‘#Aldi normalising #breastfeeding on their recent ‘newborn’ advert is a small, subtle but great bit of advertising to help normalise the taboo’.

Another fan agreed, writing: ‘Great to see @AldiUK supporting breastfeeding! #breastfeeding’.

And we agree!

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