Mum’s warning to Amazon Alexa owners after device almost ruined Christmas for her kids

Alexa almost made the naughty list...
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  • A mum has warned parents over Amazon Alexa after the device almost spoiled all of her Christmas surprises.

    A mum has issued a warning to other parents over using Amazon Alexa after the device failed to keep her Christmas buys a secret.

    The mum, known as Magda Lena, took to social media to warn other families about the useful device after it let slip details of items she had been buying in the run up to Christmas.

    These days children are very clued up on their technology and the shopper’s savvy daughter almost caught her mum out when she asked Alexa, “What have I bought today?”

    In recalling the mishap, ¬†Magda wrote, ‘Soooo people be careful. My daughter asked Alexa yesterday: Alexa what did I buy yesterday? (She saw me looking for something on Amazon) and that c*w (Alexa) answered her with all stuff I ordered – she even told her the delivery day!!!’

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    The mum added, ‘Luckily there were none of her Christmas presents.’

    Another parent also had a similar shopping struggle, commenting, ‘All my Amazon purchases flash up on my children’s Amazon Fire and tablet / iPad – no idea how to stop it happening so I have to ask someone else to order all the presents I want from Amazon!

    Meanwhile, other parents were shocked, with one penning, ‘Wow didn’t know it did that.’

    You have to be careful with Alexa she is a grass,’ a second hilariously joked.

    However, one commenter assured fellow mums and dads that the device is programmed to not reveal too much the closer to Christmas.

    One user wrote, ‘Apparently she doesn’t state what’s in the packages as we get closer to Christmas.’

    Another advised, ‘You can change the settings in Alexa app! My daughter was being crafty when it was set up in her bedroom.’

    So anyone doing their Christmas shopping early be warned – you had better add extra parental controls or keep the device out of the way of children’s ears.