Anton Du Beke tears up as he opens up about fertility and IVF struggles with wife Hannah

Anton got emotional on the Loose Women panel
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  • During Wednesday’s episode of Loose Women, Anton Du Beke opened up about his and his wife Hannah’s fertility struggles.

    Anton Du Beke and wife Hannah are now proud parents to twins George and Henrietta, who were conceived through IVF after the couple struggled with fertility.

    Anton was on the show as part of their Fertility Week series, and he explained that Hannah has a condition called endometriosis, which made it difficult for her to fall pregnant.

    He spoke very honestly about the experience, telling the panel, “Endometriosis is a massive thing for ladies. For a man, you look on… but for a woman, it affects the quality of your life to a degree, because it comes in three parts.

    “The excruciating pain, the swelling of having it – that makes you look like you’re pregnant – which is sort of perverse. And of course it stops you from becoming, in many cases, pregnant.

    He added, “As a man there’s nothing you can do, all I can do is support and empathise and do whatever I can do. But when we discussed having babies, IVF was our only option.”

    Anton Du Beke explained that he and Hannah went to a clinic, discussed it and made a decision, and they decided to proceed down the IVF route. The Strictly professional dancer described the experience as ‘remarkable’.

    He then went on to express admiration for Hannah, and for all women, by saying,”I take my hat off… it’s not even a big enough expression to say I take my hat off to Hannah and women in general. It’s an incredible thing.

    “The payoff is so great of course.” But, tearing up, he explained, “But it’s so hard. The injections are gruelling, intense and painful.”

    “But of course you forego all of that because the potential prize at the end of having babies – we were fortunate to have the twins, George and Henrietta.”

    At the end of the interview, a clip of their adorable twins played, which had Anton becoming emotional again, taking out a tissue to wipe his eyes.

    George and Henrietta were born in 2017, and live with Anton and Summer in their Buckinghamshire home.

    Their arrival into the world was announced in a sweet Instagram post, where Anton wrote, ‘Oh my! The little dancing feet have arrived. Mum and twins are perfect and dad is ridiculously excited! 💙💗’