These baby names are predicted to be VERY popular in 2021 due to the lockdown - and they're not what you'd expect

lockdown baby names

A new study has released their predictions for popular 2021 baby names following the coronavirus lockdown.

The coronavirus lockdown seems to have inspired potential baby names, according to research by OnBuy.

The online marketplace collated a list of the most popular, high-profile names currently to determine their popularity potential.

There could potentially be a baby boom in 2021 because of lockdown, due to people being stuck indoors.

To do this, they looked at 100 trending celebrity/popular topics to determine the percentage increase or decrease in interest.

According to their findings, searches for ‘coronavirus baby names’ have increased by 140% during the ongoing pandemic.

In fact, the name Corazon could be popular as a result of this.

lockdown baby names

Search terms have been interesting lately... (Credit: Getty Images)

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The name Corona however is down by 30% so it seems unlikely babies could be named directly after the virus.

Searches for Boris Johnson were up by 35%, with people across the country taking an interest in the Prime Minister during these times.

TV programmes have also influenced search terms, with so many households binge watching shows during the lockdown period.

Marty from Ozark, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin from Tiger King, Otis from Sex Education and Beck from You have all increased in searches recently.

Reality TV has also influenced people, particularly the Kardashian family.

Search terms for Kourtney Kardashian were up by 18%, with Stormi, Saint up by 8% and 6%.

Kimberly is down by 22% however, suggesting that her elder sister Kourtney is favoured among fans.

Interestingly nature has also inspired searchers, with names such as Lily, Ivy, Daisy and Violet all being looked up too.

Of course, if you'd prefer to pick more traditional baby names, we've listed the 'retro' baby names that are expected to come back soon.

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