The top ‘Marmite’ baby names that people either love or hate have been revealed

Do you love or hate these names?
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  • Welcoming a new born baby into the world comes with struggles and daunting challenges of all kinds.

    Of course, taking on the responsibility of caring for a tiny son and daughter for the rest of your life is a big deal. But so is choosing a baby name for your little one.

    As many parents may know, finding a baby name that is loved by everyone is nigh on impossible. A number of names, however lovely one may find them personally, can have the ‘Marmite’ factor, being entirely hated by others.

    Loving or hating a name is totally subjective, and that’s where baby naming difficulties can crop up, thanks to people keen to give their two cents on new parents’ naming options.

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    According to a survey from ChannelMum, a fair few parents would still be up for giving their baby a ‘Marmite’ name, with it being found that two thirds of parents have shortlisted a name that people either really love or really hate.

    But the research also found that that nearly half of parents have faced rude comments over their baby name choices, with mother-in-laws most likely to criticise.

    Despite the mean contributions, 94% of parents still go on to use those ‘Marmite’ names.

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    According to the survey, the top ten most Marmite-y boys’ names are…

    1. Jaxon / Jaxxon

    2. Felix

    3. Harrison

    4. Oscar

    5. Alfie

    6. Henry

    7. Leonard

    8. Fox

    9. Eden

    10. Mackenzie

    And for girls?

    1. Chloe

    2. Lola

    3. Stella

    4. Winter

    5. Margot

    6. Agnes

    7. Megan / Meghan

    8. Scarlett

    9. Emmie

    10. Olive

    While these names may seem totally inoffensive, there are some pretty valid reasons for their place on the list, according to the survey results.

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    Scarlett is believed by some to be a ‘strong and elegant’ name, while others reckon it’s ‘tacky and dated’.

    Stella is seen to be either ‘stylish and unusual’ or ‘trying too hard to be different,’ and Lola, while thought to be ‘pretty and feminine’ by some, can apparently be seen as a ‘lap dancer’s name’.

    Meanwhile, the name Felix is divisive due to its connection to a cat food brand, and some found Fox and Eden too ‘wacky’.

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