A baby names website made a powerful statement about Black Lives Matter

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  • People all over the world have voiced their support of Black Lives Matter in recent weeks, and a baby name website is among those making a stand.

    Popular baby names website BabyNames.com added a new picture to their website, featuring the names of Black people who have been killed by US police officers nationwide.

    Alongside the names, they’ve written, ‘Each one of these names was somebody’s baby. BabyNames.com stands in solidarity with the black community’.

    The infographic was shared to Twitter, with many users voicing their support of the website’s decision.

    Bijan Stephen shared a screengrab, writing, ‘ok baby names dot com go off’.

    One commenter wrote, ‘Wow. A simple and powerful gesture from @babynamesdotcom. ✊🏼’

    Another added, ‘Never thought babynames .com would ever give me chills like this.’

    And a third wrote, ‘If you are a parent, how does this not break your heart?’

    BabyNames.com founder Jennifer Moss told HuffPost that she’d got the inspiration for the image on NPR.org.

    She revealed that reading all the names “broke her heart”, adding, “I knew then I wanted to include them in our company’s statement. I am a parent, and it just came from my heart.”

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    “The people on that list are human beings and were loved.”

    A BabyNames.com representative also commented on their decision, telling them “The statement we’re making is that these are not just names on a page, but loved ones.”

    They added that the website is “planning on making a donation to BLM in honor of these names”.

    The website has also shared another image to Twitter, writing, ‘Say their names. #BlackLivesMatter’

    Their pinned tweet also encourages people to donate to the campaign via an official website.

    Last week, This Morning regular Alison Hammond urged viewers to support the movement too.

    In an emotional speech, she said, “I am a mother to a 15-year-old Black boy, so, sorry, when I saw that image of George Floyd I saw my brothers, saw my father, I saw my son, I saw anybody’s son.”

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