Mum-to-be slammed for charging friends to come to her baby shower and forcing them to bring gifts

baby shower

We love any excuse to throw a big party - from birthday and wedding, to even a baby shower. But one woman annoyed a close friend by planning on charging guests an entry fee to her celebrations.

The upset guest took to Reddit to explain the story, claiming that her friend had asked attendees to pay $20 (£16) entry fee and bring a present to be part of the celebrations.

As a student who works full time to cover bills, the unnamed guest knew it would be difficult getting time off to attend, but she wanted to be there for her friend so made sure she could be there.

Explaining what happened, the guest wrote: ‘I went ahead and told her I would request off work and definitely be there. A week later I went out and splurged and bought bottles, pacifiers, baby shampoo etc.

‘About a week before the baby shower I get a text from her saying this party would actually be a gender reveal party and they were having a separate baby shower three weeks later that she wanted me to come to as well.’

News that the mum-to-be wanted two parties shocked the guest, who now found herself in a difficult position where she’d need to take more time off work and try to fork out for another gift to bring along.

The most shocking thing of all came next, with the guest writing: ‘Two days before the now 'gender reveal' party she texts me in a big group message of people and says there's an entry fee of $20 to the party!

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baby shower

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‘I was seriously blown away. I understand it takes planning and money to put together a party but it was her choice to have one.’

The guest then messaged her friend to say she couldn’t afford the party’s entry fee because she had already spent a lot on a baby shower gift. Sadly, the other woman was unsympathetic and sent a cold reply back.

Unnamed mum-to-be wrote: ‘Sorry girl, I can't make just an exception for you. You promised you would be there.’

Eventually the guest decided not to attend, leaving the host furious. As a result she uninvited her from the second party and reportedly ended their friendship.

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Users on Reddit were quick to defend the guest though, with one user saying an entry fee for a house party is ‘tacky’.

Another wrote: ‘Trash people throw as many cash-grabs as possible. Guessing she's the kind to have an engagement party, bridal shower and stag-do, while cheaping out on the wedding and asking for cash.’

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