Bridesmaid gives birth on her sister’s wedding day and misses the ceremony

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  • A bridesmaid went into labour on her sister’s wedding day and missed the ceremony as she was rushed to hospital to deliver the baby.

    As a bridesmaid at your sister’s wedding it’s likely you’ve been on hand throughout the planning process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    Weddings can be stressful and when the day final arrives, everyone involved can relax a little.

    But, what if you become so relaxed as everything is going to plan and then, the night before the wedding – you start having contractions!

    This is what happened to 26-year-old Hannah who was rushed from her sister’s wedding to deliver her baby.

    Despite having contractions in the night, Hannah was determined not to miss her sister’s special day and posed for pictures in her bridesmaids dress before the bridal party prepared to head to the church.

    Although Hannah really wanted to be there as her sister Francesca walked down the aisle, she was persuaded to head straight to the hospital to deliver her baby.

    Hannah gave birth to a health baby boy, named Alfie, just a few hours later and the happy news was announced at Francesca’s wedding reception.

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    Speaking to The Mirror about the ordeal Hannah explained: ‘I ­really didn’t want to miss Francesca’s special day. I assured her throughout my pregnancy that I’d be there and I didn’t want to let her down.

    ‘In the morning of the ­wedding, I got into my bridesmaid’s dress, had my hair done and did my make-up but I had to keep stopping every few minutes because of the painful contractions. I knew the birth was imminent.’

    She added: ‘My parents and two other sisters who were also bridesmaids kept telling me to go to hospital. When Francesca agreed I should leave too I admitted defeat.’

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