Coronation Street's Brooke Vincent has announced she’s pregnant with her first child

The Coronation Street star says she was ‘worried it wouldn’t happen’ for her.

Brooke Vincent
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Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has announced she's pregnant with her first child after worrying 'it wouldn’t happen’ for her.

Earlier this year, Brooke took to Instagram to welcome a friend’s baby girl with an adorable picture and message, prompting fans to tell her she looked ‘like a natural’ –and now the 26-year-old actress has revealed that she is actually pregnant herself.

Brooke’s partner Kean Bryan is a professional footballer who plays for Sheffield United. Brooke told OK! magazine that she and Kean are ‘both each other’s biggest fans’ and that she thinks ‘having a baby together will add an extra bond.’

‘I like to think I’m the boss of our relationship,’ she admitted. ‘But Kean has a really wise head on his shoulders, so I know he’ll be a brilliant dad.’

Brooke Vincent

Credit: OK!/ Tony Ward

The actress also confessed that she hoped the baby would be a ‘show off’ and a natural born performer, just like its mum.

Brooke has already been bonding with her baby-to-be.

‘I’ve been playing songs to the bump,’ she said. ‘And sometimes I sit and cry about how much I love my baby! I’ve always wanted to be a mum, so I’m really excited.’

While she hasn’t decided on a birth plan yet, she says she wants both Kean and her own mum to join her in the delivery room. ‘My mum had me when she was 24 and we have a really close relationship so I’m hoping that will happen for me,’ she added.

Brooke revealed that she and Kean have decided not to find out the baby’s gender, although she has a feeling it could be a boy. She admitted that the decision to keep it a secret had amazed her friends ‘because I’m usually so impatient’.

She also confessed that the couple had talked about getting married in the future, but were ‘concentrating on the baby for the foreseeable.’

OK Cover

Credit: OK!

Last year, Brooke admitted that she had got ‘a bit attached’ to the prosthetic baby bump she wore on stage in Be My Baby, but taking it off at night was a ‘relief’. Luckily, it sounds like she’s getting to grips with the real thing just fine…

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