Brooklyn Beckham sparks controversy with latest picture of his mum Victoria

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  • Brooklyn Beckham posted a picture of Victoria to congratulate her on latest collection for London Fashion Week but it has sparked debate...

    Mum-of-four Victoria is celebrating 10 years in fashion this year, which is why she did a huge cover interview with Vogue magazine where she addressed the rumours surrounding her and David’s marriage.

    It’s therefore no surprise that all her children have been congratulating their mum on social media.

    Brooklyn chose to do this with a picture of his mum from what is likely to be behind the scenes of London Fashion Week.

    The caption said: ‘Well done mum on another amazing fashion show 🌷’.

    Although many people saw the picture as a sweet tribute to his mum’s successful career in fashion, others sparked debate and labelled it inappropriate.

    Several people were alarmed by Brooklyn’s picture as they speculated that Victoria was topless and that it was ‘weird’ for a son to take these kinds of pictures of their mum.

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    Well done mum on another amazing fashion show 🌷

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    One person said: ‘Great photo and loving the support. But is it just me that’s a little weirded out about him posting what is basically a topless photo of his mother?’

    Another added: ‘Topless your mom? Yuck’.

    A third person wrote: ‘It’s your mama🤔… bit weird soz’.

    However, others also took to the comments section to point out that it looks like Victoria is actually wearing a top, with several people defending the picture and calling out the critics for their negativity.

    One person joked about the picture and said: ‘Didn’t see the vest at first lol’.

    Cruz posted this video to congratulate his mum 

    A second wrote: ‘I see a tank top. What “weirds me out”, is how quickly so many people are to judge others and speak out with no filter!’

    Another added: ‘Its not weird AT ALL!!! I think you idiots who say that are weird!!!! Thats his Mother and she has never done topless shoots & even if she would I don’t think her son would be taking the pics!!!!!’

    A third joked: ‘She is not topless guys…relax…’

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