This unexpected part of your child's school uniform could be impacting their classroom performance

school uniform
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Back to school time is just around the corner.

And while turning up to school in the correct school uniform is essential for all pupils, it turns out that there is one key part of the school getup that could be impacting the way your child learns.

According to new research, kids who wear a pristine white shirt to the classroom are likely to perform better at school.

With thousands of UK children preparing to return to education in the coming weeks, following their time off amid the coronavirus pandemic, leading laundry expert Dr Beckmann has revealed that pupils have a better chance of successful schooldays if they're wearing a fresh, white shirt.

This Morning star and psychologist Emma Kenny teamed up with the brand to explain why looking clean and put together in the classroom could directly impact the way kids learn.

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school uniform

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"The association that people tend to have with white shirts seems to be that the wearer is more professional, and successful than those not wearing such attire, meaning that when they dress in such clothes it improves their performance.

"Whether you are a child attending school, a professional working in a busy office, or a CEO running your own business empire, you will be able to recognise the difference you feel wearing a bright white shirt, over a crumpled, or stained one," she explained.

"Professional dress, one study found, increases abstract thinking and gives people a broader perspective. So that crisp white shirt you look so good in is also contributing towards switching on your creativity button, making you more successful in your educational, or career endeavours.

“A crisp, clean uniform can be so influential that scientists found students performed better when wearing a smart white lab coat, than without. Simply believing that these kinds of clothes are worn by intelligent people made them score higher on their tests."

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