‘Well done Leo!’ Christine McGuinness reveals pride of son’s milestone achievement

Christine McGuinness has revealed her son Leo is now a healthy weight after years of struggles with his development.
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  • The model and wife of TV host Paddy McGuinness has three children – six-year-old twins Penelope and Leo and daughter Felicity, four – shared news of her son’s achievement following one of his medical appointments.

    She uploaded a snap of her son stood on some weighing scales. Leo suffers from autism along with his twin Penelope and sister Felicity was also recently diagnosed with the condition, but Christine’s received some good news regarding his development and wanted to share it with the world.

    She captioned it, ‘Well done Leo, my boy is getting big and strong like mummy.

    This was at Leo’s ‘weigh in’ today! He is on the 25th centile!

    The 50th centile is considered the healthy ‘average’ so although 25th is still low in comparison, he is so much more healthier than when he was on the 9th centile.’

    Christine has been working hard to raise awareness into autism and has often spoken about their journey and struggles as a family and now she is bursting with pride.

    She explained, ‘I can’t even look at photos from those days. Leo’s food journey was never straight forward from birth, he’s had countless hospital appointments, sensory therapy and medication to help support his poor food intake and sensory issues. I am one proud mummy!. My boy amazes me! ❤️ #Autism #AutismAwareness #Sensory’

    What struggles has Christine McGuinness faced with feeding Leo?

    Christine previously revealed how her kids would only eat bland-coloured food.

    She posted, ‘My local McDonalds is temporarily closed for 6wks, if your #autistic child is on the #BeigeFoodDiet you will feel my pain, my Leo will only eat these fries. I never thought I would give my children fast food but right now this is the only place I know I can go feeling confident my son will eat something.’

    But with working hard and being on hand to care for them, she has been able to improve his diet and help make him stronger.