Christmas family feuds will be over what to watch on TV

Christmas Feuds

Christmas family feuds are most likely to be over the remote control this festive period.

Christmas family feuds can be anything from who's first to read their Christmas cracker joke (opens in new tab) to who ate the last purple Quality street.

And don't even get us started on the people who put wrappers back in the tub.

But the main humdinger, according to a study of over 2000 families, will be over what to watch after Christmas dinner.

With the who-does-the-washing-up argument coming in a very close second, and third place goes to the age old 'temperature of the heating' argument.

Who gets to host the family and who sits where around the table on the big day, also make it in the top 12 list.

Christmas Family Feuds

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Oh yes, 'tis the season to be jolly but the festive period can be a stressful time.

With two in five Brits spending Christmas away from home one of the other arguments to blow up around the Christmas tree is who gets which bedroom.

And of these, 40 per cent said their sleeping arrangement was usually uncertain, with only 48 per cent thought they were guaranteed a comfy bed on their stay.

In addition to bed time bickers, the study also found three in 10 Brits believe they will have an argument with their loved ones at least once a day over their Christmas stay.

Thankfully a Christmas argument is rarely a long-standing affair with 44 per cent of the bust-ups fizzling out in less than 10 minutes.

But it's just we well eh, as over a third of Brits think Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a festive feud between friends and family.

Here are the top Christmas family feuds according to the study, which was commissioned by sleep technology company Simba.

Christmas family feuds: top 12

1.What film or TV show to watch

2.Who washes up

3.The temperature of the heating

4.What time to open presents

5.How much alcohol to drink

6.How long to spend at each relatives house

7.People arriving late

8.How much to spend on each person

9.What time to eat Christmas dinner

10.Staying off phones at the dinner table

11.Who won the board game

12.Political conversations, such as Brexit

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