Coleen Rooney reacts to critics who slammed her for sharing a photo with children on iPads

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  • Coleen Rooney has reacted to critics who slammed her for letting her kids use iPads.

    The mum-of-four took to Instagram to share a photo of her with sons at a football game but ended up receiving a bad response.

    Coleen shared a photo of her three youngest sons, six-year-old Klay, three-year-old Kit and one-year-old Cass attending a football game where their older brother Kai, nine, was playing.

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    The picture shows the three boys each using an iPad, with three-year-old Kit also donning a pair of headphones.

    ‘Kai’s Football (soccer here) tournament set up!!!’ she captioned her image. ‘When Dads away …. we all have to go along!!’

    However, critics immediately took to Coleen’s comments section to criticise her kids’ use of technology.

    ‘My god what did people do before technology,’ wrote one Instagram user. ‘Or those who can’t afford one per child? So sad to see high profile electronic baby sitters.’

    ‘Why are they all using gadgets?’ echoed another. ‘Let them run around!’

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    A boot full of boys with too much energy 😅💙

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    Others wrote: ‘so what exactly are they watching? the game or the screens?’ ‘Wow all that space and they are on ipads with headphones….crazy!!!!’ and ‘Baby on a iPad??’.

    But Coleen has now hit back at those who criticised her.

    ‘Calm down, calm down,’ she wrote on Twitter, ‘yes my children have and use iPads!!! And even my 15 month old watches Peppa Pig on one would you believe!!

    ‘They come in handy sometimes and can be very educational. Mathletics and spelling apps are used all time by kai and klay … check them out’

    ‘The educational quick thinking tests are brilliant,’ she added. ‘Tbh my little ones don’t want to spend much time on them anyway!! 3 brothers and mum and dad in the house ….what better way for interaction than with each other.’

    Even fans took to Instagram to defend the 33-year-old, with one writing: ‘These tournaments last all day, with multiple games & there’s no escaping from the heat. Doing it on your own, in another country with no family is a whole other level.

    ‘Keeping the little ones entertained & giving your oldests whose playing attention is such a juggling act! Well done Momma’.

    ‘There is lots of learning apps on iPads for babies toddlers that teachers lots of things,’ added another, ‘if it’s keeping them quiet whilst mum has to be at football do you have 3kids under 6 believe me it’s hard work’

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