Dad hits back at people without kids parking in parent and child spaces (again), and the internet agrees with him

The father has been forced to defend parent and child spaces after he left a note on the car of someone misusing a bay

Dad getting a child out of a car split layout with parent and child parking bay sign
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A Dad has hit back at complaints about parent and child parking spaces - and the internet agrees with him that they are there for several vital safety reasons.

With the summer holidays underway, more families are out and about taking their children places in the car, and while getting the best car seat is top priority for many, also getting a space in a parent and child parking space is an equally important part of keeping children safe these days.

But what happens when there are no spaces left or more annoyingly when you discover that someone is using the space who isn't entitled to as they don't have children?

The father, who goes by the Instagram handle @manversusbaby, went viral for writing a cheeky parking note that he stuck on a Mondeo car outside his local co-op that was misusing the bay.

And it appears the issue of people abusing the rights to use the parent and child parking spaces has returned, as he shared an update with his 142k Instagram followers to let them know that "people still park like d***s"

He was forced to write a follow up Instagram post to hit back at trolls who disagreed with his parking note and this time he's won the backing of the internet.

His post reads, "Re: last post, I note that this debate kicked off again.. So ONE. MORE. TIME. Parent and child spaces don’t exist because parents are entitled/lazy. They exist so a parent can get their kid out of their car safely, without reducing the car next to them to scrap. 

"And they’re placed near the store because in, a civilised society, most of us agree that it’s a good thing to not have children running around a modern busy car park..."

And his followers have shown their support for speaking up and for reusing the note. One supporter wrote, "More people should do this. I get so annoyed when people use these spaces!"

Another supporter put, "You should have these made into small cards we can keep on us to pop under windscreen wipers - I’d buy some!"

And a third fan added, "This is just absolutely amazing thank you for making my day and I will be using this in my local Tesco!"

Common anti-parent/child space reactions VS the Dad

1. “Rubbish, we didn’t have these spaces back in my day”

Dad: "This is an odd point of view given that this argument can also be made for antibiotics, women’s voting rights, the combustion engine, indoor plumbing, space travel, opposable thumbs, monster munch, and shoes. Oh, and the internet.. a place where you can share your sh*t opinion and have it demolished by anyone whose brain receives oxygen."

2. “But, in my day, we managed..”

Dad: "I’m sure you did, when cars were fewer and smaller, spaces were larger, and you could get a bottle of ginger beer and a Caramac, and still have half a crown left to buy some johnnies. Times have changed. Not least because we now have something called ‘Health and Safety’ which means car-seats the size of a f***ing armchair. So you can be nostalgic for the good old days, when your children didn’t even have to wear seatbelts, but those days are gone. It’s partly the reason why there are more of these kids making it to adulthood, actually, Sandra."

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3. “But disabled spaces are more important”.

Dad: "Yes. Of course they are. But it’s not either/or is it?"

4. “Why should those who ‘breed’ get benefits I don’t.. whinge. etc.”

Dad: "Look, people have all kinds of benefits that you don’t.. low blood pressure and some f***ing empathy for a start. And even if you don’t have kids, chances are you were one once. It’s True. 

Two people in the dim past made the mistake of combining their DNA and creating someone as ar*ey as you. So stop being a c**k about something that keeps the next generation a little bit safer and maybe, god forbid, makes someone else’s day a little bit easier.

He added, "Hope that clears things up… Now can we all just get along?"

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