You need to do this to protect your pet from sun damage during the heat wave

The sun can be really harmful to beloved pets...
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  • The UK is experiencing some seriously hot weather right now – but the blazing summer sun could be putting cats and dogs at risk.

    It’s vital that pet owners are vigilant when it comes to keeping furry friends safe from sun and heat damage on scorching summer days, but it turns out loads of animal owners aren’t.

    Research conducted by pet food brand Webbox found that more than half of UK pet owners aren’t using adequate sun protection like sun cream to shield pooches and felines from skin damage.

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    Camille Ashforth, Senior Brand Manager at Webbox, said, “With temperatures in the UK continuing to rise year on year, it is shocking that half of pet owners in the UK are not protecting them from the sun, especially when the impact of sun damage can be extremely unpleasant for your pets and lead to life-threatening conditions.”

    Pet expert Dr Heather Venkat has explained everything you need to know about applying sun cream to cats and dogs, highlighting the importance of protecting the skin of fair-furred animals with pink skin.

    It’s also really vital to make sure pets don’t spend lots of time in direct, blazing sunshine – as this can lead to sunstroke and over-heating.

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    “Dogs and cats are prone to getting sunburns and skin cancer, just like people, but pet owners can easily protect their pets with some simple steps.

    “Limit prolonged exposure to direct sun, and give your pet frequent breaks and access to shade.

    “If your pet has shorter fur, especially if it is white, their pink skin will be more likely to burn,” says Dr Venkat.

    How to apply sun cream to cats and dogs

    “Dab small amounts of pet-safe sun creams and balms on your pet’s nose or bare areas that will be more exposed to sunlight, such as the tips of their ears.

    “Some dogs will try to lick the sunscreen off, which is why it is important to never use a sun cream designed for people, which can be toxic and upsetting to their stomachs.”

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