This new dog collar will ‘translate’ your dog’s barks into swear words

Woof woof.
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  • Ever wished you could understand what your pet pooch is saying when they bark?

    Of course you have- and now you finally can.

    Well, sort of.

    Introducing the Cuss Collar, a canine gadget that promises to ‘translate’ your doggy’s woofs and whines…But only into swear words.

    The USA founders of the techy accessory, MSCHF, say that the collar has a ‘bark activated speaker’ that will play swear words every time the dog wearing it barks.

    The 100% patent leather collar features a padded interior strap, a stainless steel buckle and is simply powered by AA batteries.

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    It’s currently available to buy online for $60, although it’s yet to be up for grabs for UK customers.

    It’s clearly gone down well with shoppers across the pond though, having already sold out completely.

    The Cuss Collar website also makes sure to disclose that the collar is ‘NOT a shock/vibration/training collar and is not intended for anti-bark training use.’

    Reacting to the hilarious product on social media, one Tweeter wrote, ‘OMG, just what we need! Lolol.’

    Credit: MSCHF

    That’s too funny! I’m sure, though, my neighbors still don’t want to hear that, either,’ joked a second.

    So your doggos can cuss along with you,’ a third chipped in.

    This comes after it was revealed by a Psychic astrologer that our pets may act strange this month thanks to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde.

    Research of 2,000 cat and dog owners found our four-legged friends have been increasingly caught barking at nothing, eating mud and even trying to ‘dance’ during the astrological phenomenon.

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    Jessica Adams said, “Pets can do all sorts of unusual things and a lot of the time we, as humans, can find it thoroughly entertaining. It’s what makes our pets so loveable.

    “However, their quirky goings on might be down to more than just a ‘funny five minutes’ – as it could be due to something called Mercury in retrograde.

    “Mercury is the planet that actually rules pets. When it appears to go backwards and forwards, moving in peculiar ways, so does life in general – according to your horoscope.”

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