The driving licence mistake we’ve all been making that could cost you £1000

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Drivers nationwide could be in for a nasty surprise as the DVLA has revealed a common mistake that could lead to a hefty fine.

We all know that moving house is a stressful process and with so much to remember, it’s no surprise that some things end up slipping our minds.

But according to the DVLA one of those things it’s crucial to keep on top of is updating our driving licence with the new address.

Why is it important to update your address on your driving licence?

Regardless of whether you’ve just moved or moved years ago and just haven’t quite got round to it yet, updating your driving licence address is important. It is a crucial process to ensure you don’t miss important correspondence after you move. 

If you don’t update your details, you might just be opening yourself up to a substantial fine.

The DVLA have said that failing to update your address when you move home could result in a huge £1,000 penalty charge.

How can you update your address on your driving licence?

Whilst many people might be put off by the supposed hassle of changing addresses, the process is actually quite simple.

All drivers have to do is head to the DVLA website to update their details and the process takes just five minutes. The update will be finalised in around five working days. 

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According to the Mirror, DVLA service manager Anthony Bamford has declared their services, “will always be the quickest way to keep your address up to date”. 

They continued, “Millions of drivers change the address on their driving licence this way, and you can now update your vehicle’s log book online too.”

Earlier this year the DVLA launched an online service allowing drivers to quickly update their address on their vehicle’s log books as well. This is just as important as updating your driving licence. 

The DVLA online services are completely free and you are still free to drive whilst you wait for your new documents to arrive.

It's better to be safe than sorry, so don't forget to keep all your details updated.

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