EastEnders actress Lacey Turner reveals the sad reason she ignored her pregnancy for 14 weeks

Lacey Turner
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EastEnders actress Lacey Turner has revealed the sad reason she ignored her pregnancy for the first 14 weeks.

The soap star, known for playing the role of Stacey Slater on BBC One, became a mother for the first time last year, welcoming her daughter Dusty into the world in July 2019.

But her journey to motherhood wasn’t a smooth one. Lacey had two miscarriages prior to falling pregnant with little Dusty.

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Appearing on Loose Women today, the Our Girl actress opened up about her fears surrounding her third pregnancy.

“I put so much pressure on myself to fall pregnant that it wasn't happening. I told my husband Matt, 'forget it, we'll get a puppy’,” she told the panel.

“But as soon as we'd said that we fell pregnant.”

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Admitting that she was apprehensive about connecting with the idea of expecting again, Lacey went on, “When the pregnancy test said positive, I told him not to get excited and I felt horrible telling him that.

“I ignored it until I was 14 weeks. I carried on eating all the things you shouldn't eat.

“But it took until I was 25 weeks for me to believe, maybe she's going to stay. I was so scared.”

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As Lacey spoke out about the trauma of miscarriage, lots of viewers took to social media to praise her for raising awareness of the tough issue.

Thank you Lacey for finding the strength to talk about how you felt after the your miscarriage. Pregnancy is a hard journey for many women but being pregnant with a Rainbow baby can be a rollercoaster of emotions,’ wrote one.

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Thank you for being so honest Lacey, that’s how I felt whilst I was pregnant after having miscarriage’s. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful girl,’ a second chipped in.

Feeling very emotional. So heartfelt from Lacey Turner. It’s very difficult in the era of ‘The Baby Shower.’ People don’t understand why you don’t want one,’ a third contributed.

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