Energy giant gives away free electric blankets as bill prices spike

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As gas and electric rates reach all-time highs, a major energy provider is giving away free electric blankets to keep their clients warm.

The cost-of-living (opens in new tab) crisis is beginning to bite, with experts predicting that millions of people will be forced to go without heating this year.

Prices have risen due to a variety of global factors, including increasing demand following the lockdown and Russian export concerns, which have only gotten worse since the start of the war with Ukraine (opens in new tab).

It is projected that 22 million families will be affected, and Octopus Energy is distributing 5,000 blankets to households in need as the cost of living crisis strikes.

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While most households attempt to save money on their energy bills (opens in new tab), the current price cap will be raised by 50%, resulting in an annual rise of £2,000 on average.

It's important to understand how to save money on electric bills. According to USwitch, using an electric blanket for an hour per night costs 28p, or £1.96 per week.

The exact amount depends on your tariff, type of blanket you use, and how long you use it. The blankets' RRP on Amazon is £40, and several families have praised the firm for the decision.

"Stocks are quite low," claims Octopus, who had 5,000 blankets to distribute. Customers can use the company's online assistance service to get their free blanket, as well as get answers to any other issues they may have.

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Depending on how many Octopus are left, the blankets will be prioritised for families in the most financial need. Although Octopus' offer was positively appreciated, other energy providers were criticized for their energy-saving advice.

The largest blow, by far, has been the increased price cap on energy bills, which was raised to £1,971 from April 1 by regulator OFGEM.

As a result of the change, the typical household energy bill in the UK will increase by over £700 per year. Experts have predicted that it will force millions of people into poverty.

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