Facebook sparks outrage after 'banning' Tommee Tippee breast feeding ad campaign

Mum breastfeeding baby
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A campaign by Tommee Tippee depicting the reality, emotions, and journey of breastfeeding has been banned by Facebook for nudity.

Each part of having a child can pose new challenges for a mum, with your body changing week by week during pregnancy (opens in new tab), having to decide on birthing options (opens in new tab) and knowing how to breastfeed (opens in new tab) when the baby arrives. 

What with so many different breastfeeding products (opens in new tab) on the market, facing changes to your diet for breastfeeding (opens in new tab), getting clued up on breastfeeding positions (opens in new tab) and having to endure breastfeeding pain (opens in new tab), it can be an overwhelming and very scary time for women. 

Tomme and Tipppee wanted to tackle the fear and stigma around breastfeeding and empower women in their new breastfeeding ad campaign.

However due to the “visible nipples” in the adverts, it has reportedly been banned by Facebook. 

The aim of their campaign ‘The Boob Life’ was to celebrate women's bodies, choices, and motherhood journey. The video captures real mums breastfeeding their babies, using breast pumps and bottles.

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Due to Facebook’s advertising policies the video has been banned, according to ChronicleLive.

Tommee and Tippee are said to be allowed to have the video on their page, but not as an advert on the site.

The brand has also said that broadcasters won't air it on TV before watershed because of the “excessive visible skin".

Nicola Wallace, a Tommee Tippee spokesperson, has said, "It’s outrageous and hugely offensive to women – we should be normalising breastfeeding in society and what real women’s bodies look like, not pandering to outdated societal views on what’s appropriate."

She added, "This is not just about mums, it’s about un-objectifying women’s bodies."

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The Mirror has said that Facebook has different policies for its content and advertising, some nudity on the site is allowed if it depicts a woman breastfeeding or is in the context of birth or after birth.

Advertising is reviewed against different policies, and videos with excessive visible skin, cleavage, and nudity may be prohibited even if the content is not sexual.

Facebook users have flocked to the video to show their support, one mum said, ‘Love this - reality! What I would have given for this info before my precious arrived!’

Another commented, ‘What an absolute breath of fresh air. Showing real babies with real mums, with real situations. Normalise nipples and breasts being shown in breastfeeding advertising