Family issues warning after dog tragically dies after beach visit

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  • A family has warned dog owners about litter on the beach, after their beloved dog Bandit ate some discarded BBQ food and sadly died as a result.

    It’s hard to cope when your dog dies, and a family have urged people to be mindful of dog owners on the beach.

    Family dog Bandit was at the beach with his family, when he ate two discarded corn on the cobs along with their core.

    BBQ food is fatal for dogs and cats, and can cause a number of issues.

    Owner Francis Howarth had to rush Bandit to the vets where he underwent surgery.

    Sadly this surgery led to complications, and Bandit died three weeks after the operation.

    His family was left heartbroken, especially Francis’ five-year-old son Michael who absolutely loved Bandit.

    According to Metro, Francis said, “People from out of town have been coming to St Anne’s during lockdown because it’s absolutely beautiful but there’s just been so much litter left everywhere.

    “A lot of people don’t know that the centre of a corn on the cob is fatal for dogs. We just want people to realise the devastation this has caused.”

    She added, “It’s just pure laziness that results in complete and utter heartbreak.”

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    Francis’ partner Nolan shared a heartbreaking video of the couple’s son reacting to the news.

    Nolan wrote, ‘This is what happens when you don’t pick up litter! this is what you do to 5 year olds you break their heart! Run free bandit forever at rainbow bridge’

    Explaining the decision to have Bandit put to sleep, Francis added, “‘An hour later the vet rang me and said that unfortunately where they’d repaired his intestines his stomach had healed itself against the body and there were large sacks of puss which caused peritonitis.

    “There was nothing more that they could do to help him, they just had to let him go.”

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