Mum issues warning after son’s electric scooter caught fire

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  • If you're a parent, chances are you've bought plenty of fun outdoor activites like scooters, bikes, and other toys. But one mum has issued a terrifying warning about electric scooters.

    Taking to Facebook, she revealed the shocking clip which saw the scooter up in flames outside her house.

    The scooter was engulfed in flames as she filmed it from a safe distance, with a lot of smoke coming out of it.

    Claire Little shared this scary video to Facebook, with a caption that read, ‘My son’s scooter was on charge in his room.

    ‘He walked in to see it smoking a little, he picked it up and ran downstairs and put it out the front, thank God. After that it went up so quick thank God he noticed this.’

    She added that the scooter had been purchased from eBay, and that it had been a surprise gift for her son.

    Claire concluded her post by saying she knew nothing about scooters and had ‘learned a lesson’.

    Her post has received hundreds of reactions, with over 3,000 people spreading the word by sharing.

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    According to Electric Scooter Guide, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing one, especially when it comes to charging.

    They wrote, ‘Don’t store fully charged or with the charger plugged in for prolonged periods. Keeping the battery topped off at its max voltage will diminish its life.’

    Electric scooters shouldn’t be left plugged for long periods of time, such as overnight.

    Last year, the Dublin Fire Brigade responded to a house fire caused by an electric scooter.

    In a statement, they reminded consumers to check for a genuine safety mark and to be around the scooter when it’s charging.

    If the safety mark isn’t there, it’s advised that you don’t use the scooter as it’s not guaranteed to be safe.

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