Vicky Pattison's fans left convinced she’s pregnant after boyfriend Ercan Ramadan drops cheeky hint

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Fans of reality star Vicky Pattison were left convinced she was expecting a baby by an Instagram upload.

Rumours that the former Geordie Shore star is set to welcome her first child into the world began when her TOWIE star boyfriend, Ercan Ramadan, dropped a cheeky hint.

The hunky TV personality shared a sweet Boomerang of him and his beau enjoying an evening indoors.

But eagle-eyed fans reckoned they could see him cradling Vicky’s stomach, as though it’s a growing baby bump.

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Friday Night Vibes.. 👀 PS ignore the black bag, we are still moving homes 😂😩,’ Ercan captioned the cute upload.

Think there’s a baby there👌😁,’ one fan commented, while another asked, ‘Does this indicate a pregnancy?

Expecting 👶?? 😲😲💕💕,’ added a third.

Meanwhile, other fans were quick to hit back at those probing for pregnancy news.

Do people not understand how insulting or upsetting it can be to ask someone “are you expecting” “is there a baby in there” what if there isn’t?

What if they are trying but can’t? Please don’t post things on celebrities accounts thinking they don’t have emotions or feelings. Cause they do hun, they are real people. Rant over 🙄,’ one piped up to say.

Congrats if you are - congrats if you’re not.You look happy and that’s the main thing 😉,’ agreed another.

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Ercan made sure to step in and clear up any confusion, though.

She is NOT Pregnant FFS 🤦🏽♂️ I was HORNY,’ he cheekily penned.

Vicky opened up about her desire to have children when she visited a fertility clinic last year as part of her TV show, Vicky Pattison: No Filter.

Reflecting on how she’d feel if she was given bad news about her fertility, she said, “If I get the results and they're bad, or I can't freeze my eggs or something, I will be devastated. I definitely want to be a mum.”

While she was told she had a healthy number of egg follicles and an optimal hormone level, Vicky was advised to cut down on her drinking.

“'I've loved it and never once regretted it. I never once considered the ramifications of my lifestyle,” she explained, getting emotional.

“I've been a little bit irresponsible. I feel a little bit ashamed of myself.”

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